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Bobby Earles, CEO

Skin & Hair Is Where He Cares: CEO Bobby Earles

The majority of skin and hair care products are created for the general market, but Bobby Earles’s company sells products specifically designed for the unique dermatological needs of Black consumers. His company, Dr. Earles, manufactures a line of skin and hair care products that includes acne wash, dandruff shampoo, conditioner, hydrating cream, and razor bump treatment. These personal care products were all developed by Bobby’s father, dermatologist R. Martin Earles, M.D., with the unique dermatological needs of Black customers specifically kept in mind. Bobby, 28, manages the entire company as CEO, working to get Dr. Earles products distributed in as many markets as possible in an effort to turn Dr. Earles into a household name. To learn more about Bobby and what he’s doing to meet the unique skin and hair care needs of Black consumers, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Factoid of the Week: Do Lefties Really Earn More?

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A paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Mass., found that left-handed college-educated men made 15 percent more than their right-handed counterparts did. Among females, however, there was no difference. The data for the study was based on the information of 5,000 U.S. citizens taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and represented a cross-section of the overall population.
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Khary Lazarre-White
Co-Founder and Co-Director

Putting Kids on the Path to Success: The Brotherhood/Sister Sol

When Khary Lazarre-White was in college in 1995, he and his friend, Jason Warwin, read that for every Black male who graduated from college that year, 100 Black men were in prison. That chilling statistic motivated them to start an organization that today has evolved into The Brotherhood/Sister Sol. The organization empowers Black and Latino youth in New York City who face a daily reality of poverty, drugs, violence, poor parenting, failing schools, and unhealthy images of masculinity. At its headquarters in Harlem, The Brotherhood/Sister Sol provides youth with a sanctuary from the streets, offering programs that empower them with the skills to self-direct their lives in a positive manner. The organization’s services include enriching after-school programs, summer camps, job training, college preparation, and more. Its Rites of Passage program follows adolescents intensively for four to six years, teaching them about conflict resolution, drug awareness, community service, and leadership. The Brotherhood/Sister Sol has received numerous awards, including Oprah’s Use Your Life Award. To learn more about the organization, check out this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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Mark Sithi

DJ-Emcee Entrepreneur & Financial Healthcare Consultant Mark Sithi

At a wedding reception, having the right music can make or break whether the newlyweds and their guests have fun or not. With that fact in mind, DJ and emcee Mark Sithi, 24, works to make all his clients’ weddings ones to remember with just the right music. Mark started out as a part-time DJ back in his high school days, and today he continues that work alongside his full-time gig as a senior associate with the financial health care consulting firm Triage Consulting Group. At Triage, Mark not only assists hospitals in recovering the money that insurance companies owe them, but he also is involved with the firm’s Corporate Responsibility Leadership team, which tasks him with organizing volunteer activities at an area elementary school. The volunteering doesn’t stop there, though. Mark also lends his time to the Oakland Asian Students Educational Services Cal Alumni Club and the Haas Alumni Network. To learn more about this young man who loves DJing and volunteering, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile .

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Stacy Lee, Los Angeles Director

Putting Kids First: Stacy Lee of Children Now

Because they can’t speak for themselves, children are some of the most vulnerable members of society. Yet, for any community or country to thrive, it needs to invest in the well-being of its children. Children Now, a nonpartisan research and advocacy organization, believes that children in the United States are getting short shrift from policymakers, and it strives to make children’s issues a top public concern. It wants to ensure that every child has a quality education, access to affordable health care, and a wholesome media environment with fewer junk-food advertisements. Stacy Hae Lim Lee, 30, a director at Children Now, handles one of the most difficult parts of keeping an organization functioning smoothly: fundraising. Her fundraising responsibilities include putting together proposals to foundations, researching funding sources, and developing outreach plans to funders. As a member of the executive team, she also helps with overall strategy. To learn more about Stacy’s work at Children Now, check out this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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Carmen Wong Ulrich, Author

Carmen Wong Ulrich Can Lead You to Financial Freedom

There’s the monthly payment to [school name here], also a minimum balance payable to [credit card name here], and don’t forget that great finance package you received through [car dealership name here]. Millions of young adults are in debt. Are you one of them? Carmen Wong Ulrich, author and personal finance expert, founded Wong Ulrich, LLC in 2005 after meeting so many adults lacking access to personal financial counseling and spiraling downward when it came to money matters. Coming from a family where such issues were discussed regularly, Carmen knew she could offer digestible information while motivating people to take charge of their fiscal futures. Her business successes are evident through a never-ending list of speaking engagements, magazine features, regularly printed columns, and of course her book Generation Debt. Read on in this week’s Young and Professional Profile for more information on Carmen and how she’ll be able to lead you toward financial freedom.

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Natasha Dominguez
Patient Care Coordinator

Caring for the Uninsured, Caridad Center

Health care for the uninsured is a hot topic filled with intense political emotions and, many times, remains debated without conclusive resolutions. While the issue washes in and out of Capitol Hill, millions of people remain without health care services and community public health as a whole grows all the more dangerous. Working with those needing immediate medical and dental help, the Caridad Center of Palm Beach County, Florida reaches out to thousands of uninsured patients who have nowhere else to turn. Opening its doors primarily to the working poor, the center also offers educational and social service programs because, often times, family issues don’t stop at the doctor’s office alone. Natasha M. Dominguez, age 29 and Patient Care Coordinator/Assistant Administrator, says she couldn’t be more grateful to work with an inspirational team of professionals who have found a truly rewarding vocation. Founded in 1989, the Caridad Center boasts many successes including the fact that more than 500 licensed professional and community volunteers help in reaching out annually. To learn more about the agency and its results within Palm Beach County, read more in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight

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Aadel Chaudhuri, Co-Founder

Books for Children, Literacy for Life

Inspired by his Bangladeshi grandfather’s dream of an educated Bangladesh, Aadel Chaudhuri and his family started Books for Children. The family-run organization believes “a book can change a life,” and in keeping with that motto, it provides books and builds schools in Bangladeshi villages. Once a year, Aadel, 24, travels to the South Asian country to check on the schools, donate books, set up spelling bees, and meet with ministers of education. Back in the United States, he takes time out of his busy schedule as a medical student at Stanford University to design brochures, update his organization’s Web site, and forge partnerships with other charitable organizations. The hard work all pays off during his visits to Bangladesh when a child approaches him and asks in broken English to be read a recently donated book. Read more about Aadel and Books for Children’s efforts to promote literacy in Bangladesh in this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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Syed Majid, CEO

Film Producer and CEO Syed Majid

Syed Majid heads not just one, but two, very distinct companies. At Orion Technologies, he helps engineering, accounting, and technology firms figure out how to operate more efficiently and increase their bottom lines. The company provides these clients with individualized, innovative solutions to their technical management needs so they can achieve their strategic goals. Though all this technical work at Orion may sound very left-brained, Syed’s other company, Voyage-Films, involves a bit more of the right brain. Voyage-Films aims to develop, finance, and distribute creative, truthful, and powerful stories featuring South Asian characters and themes. It’s striving to fill a niche the mainstream Hollywood film industry is unable to address. Syed, 32, reviews scripts, interacts with actors and screenwriters, and meets with investors. In early 2008, Voyage-Films plans to release a film about a South Asian detective who works with New York City’s police department and the personal trials he faces before and after 9/11. To learn more about Syed and his companies, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Babak Vosoughi, Founder & Designer

Successful Young Designer Babak Vosoughi

What do Lisa Marie Presley, the Wayans Brothers, Nickelback and our featured Young Professional of the Week, Babak Vosoughi, 32, have in common? They all sport his world famous clothing line, Remembrance. A serial Design entrepreneur, Babak has already successfully launched History Clothing and is working on launching Modern Prophecy this Fall. Design enthusiasts are flocking to high-end boutiques and department stores to grab a piece of Babak’s work – a fusion of cultures, historical events and modern art. Learn more about Babak and his entrepreneurial success as we spotlight him in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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