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Rene Garcia, Artist

Pop Culture Artist, Rene Garcia, Jr.

Meet an Artist who will inspire you, make you laugh, share his insights, and help you love every moment of it. Meet Rene Garcia Jr., age 34, of I Love This World. Taking the lead in pop culture creativity, Rene designs his work to be loud, brilliant, and garnering more attention than previously thought possible. Melding family time and work time, Rene thrives in an environment where he can sit in his home-based work station with colors, shapes, and ideas pouring from his fingertips, or run down the street to observe daily on-goings and absorb ideas for future projects. Rene launched ‘I Love This World’ in 2006 after leaving the formal work environment . While admitting the switch-over was difficult at first, there’s ultimately been no turning back since. For more information on Rene and how he’ll inspire you to always make that maximum impact, read more in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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