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Elsa Lizarralde, Bilingual Stabilization Advocate

No Place Like HomeStart

HomeStart, Inc. is a non-profit organization working to end homelessness in the Greater Boston area. The agency’s first priority for every client is a stable housing situation. They then work with each client’s individual needs to provide services and support to make sure they are able to remain housed. By offering assistance in both English and Spanish, many homeless and formerly homeless individuals and families can depend on HomeStart in their search to obtain housing and their continued journey to maintain it. Elsa Lizarralde, 32, Bilingual Stabilization Advocate, works with the agency’s formerly homeless clients. Providing much needed access to other social services, help with budgeting and crisis management, Elsa is able to help clients begin to realize other dreams and goals within the stable environment of their own homes. Learn more in this week’s The LatinConnect about the work of HomeStart, Inc. within the community and how their helping hands are changing thousands of lives.

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Michael Cordero, Brand Architect

Brand Architect and Youth Adviser Michael Cordero

Michael Cordero, age 24 and Brand Architect of 1 SOUL DESIGNS</b