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MeccaOne Media: A Voice for the Everyday Muslim

Let’s face it – after September 11, 2001, the depiction of Muslims around the world has been negative. Associations with terrorism, fanaticism, and hatred has been predominant. The common Muslim voice has been unheard. Omair Ali, 30, decided to change all of that in 2002. He founded MeccaOne Media, in an effort to provide a ‘voice of the everyday Muslim living in the West’. With a growing audience of Muslim and Non-Muslim listeners, MeccaOne has succeeded in gaining several notable firsts – including the first to broadcast a live Islamic call to prayer and first to provide Islamic podcasts on iTunes. Learn more about Omair and MeccaOne Media as we feature them in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

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Mideast Youth: Bridging Inter-Cultural Tensions

At just the age of 20, Esra’a Al Shafei decided that instead of remaining frustrated with several of the world’s most pressing issues, she was going to do something about it. She started Mideast Youth in May of 2006 to serve as a network for young Arabs, Iranians, Israelis, Kurds, Turks and Armenians to share their thoughts, learn from each other and make valuable inter-cultural connections. As Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Esra’a has her hands full recruiting young talented writers and managing the editorial content of the site. If that weren’t enough, she has spent the last 8 months launching 8 new projects on behalf of Mideast Youth. These unique programs range from creating a Middle East Interfaith Blogger Network, launching a Free Kareem campaign, increasing awareness on migrant rights and sexual terrorism and many more. Learn more about this young changemaker as we feature Esra’a and Mideast Youth in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

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Mehrak Hamzeh
Founder and CTO, GlobalTel Media

GlobalTel Media Maven

Have you heard the latest buzz? The greatest advancements in technology are expected to be in the mobile space. Numbers don’t lie – with over 1.5 billion mobile phones in the world today, almost three times the number of PCs, you can see how the marketspace for web technologies is enticing. Mehrak Hamzeh, 29, Founder and CTO of GlobalTel Media (GTM) observed this early on and decided to act on his knowledge and intuition by forming his company. Mehrak and his team have created a reliable two-way communications methodology that bridges any two people in the world together. More impressively, GTM aims to level the playing field for content providers and others so that smaller companies can compete or bypass the large leaders like AOL and Yahoo. Only three years old, GTM has a successful clientele track record – only turned down by one out of the 100 companies that learned of its services and capabilities. Learn more about Mehrak and GlobalTel Media as we feature him in this week’s Young & Professional Profile .

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Poh Si Teng
Director, theCICAK
Journalist & Multimedia Producer

theCICAK Informing & Connecting the Youth

Driven to be a superstar Journalist, Poh Si Teng, 22, has worked around the clock for years to make sure her reporting of important issues are top-notch. That’s not all that drives Poh. Besides her career in journalism, she is also the Co-Founder and Director for theCICAK – a non-profit Malaysian political and pop culture e-zine aimed at informing and connecting Malaysian youth. theCICAK helps create awareness of important issues and unites forward-thinking Malaysians towards progress. Learn more about Poh Si Teng and theCICAK as we feature her in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

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