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Saad Rahim, Manager

He started the first Internet consultancy in the Middle East when he was in high school. He’s a knowledgeable expert on politics, economics and energy concerning Asia and the Middle East. He’s a strategic advisor to the top business leaders in America and he’s only 27. At such a young age he carries the wisdom and advice of those more than double his age. Saad Rahim, Manager of the Country Strategies Group at PFC Energy, shares with us what it’s like to be advising on issues and regions that are in this day in age very volatile

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Alliance of South Asians Taking Action

Is it possible to “unlearn” traits such as hatred that seem so engrained within our society? Will there ever be an end to violence? Alliance of South Asians Taking Action does not waste time asking these questions. Instead, they work hard each and everyday to make the solutions a reality. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you are bound to be faced with this non-profit team that is constantly working to educate, organize, and make powerful the Bay Area South Asian communities so that oppression, racism, violence and exploitation will not have a place their communities again. Through involvement with campaigns focused on anti-immigrant sentiment, immigration issues, gender-based

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