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Jengyee Liang, Author

So, I have to wake up early, brush my hair, AND wear a suit?! I don’t understand. If you aren’t quite sure where to go after university life ends, you need to read ‘HELLO REAL WORLD! A Student’s Approach to Great Internships, Co-ops, and Entry-Level Positions’. Jengyee Liang, 23, authored this career book after experiencing her own struggles in getting that proverbial first foot in the door. Something must be working for her though, as she’s already landed multiple jobs at Fortune 100 companies, and says that you can do the same too with

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Nellie Hsu Ling, Founder and Director

You’re finishing high school, perhaps already enrolled in college. You’re lost among endless deadlines, parental demands, and truly defining who you’re meant to be. You’re not sure where to turn to for help until, that is, you find ASPIRE (Asian Sisters Participating In Reaching Excellence), a Boston-based non-profit dedicated to empowering Asian American high school and college girls. Nellie Hsu Ling, 29, founder and director, launched ASPIRE in 2001 and has spent the last five years leading a dedicated team in developing personal and professional skills

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