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Lisa Fotedar, Actress/Writer/Producer

She’s not your typical Hollywood wannabe. She’s Lisa Fotedar; a gem of exotic beauty on the outside, a passionate artist on the inside. As an actress, writer, producer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur, Lisa has won the appraisal of critics through overwhelming success in various outlets of the entertainment industry. While she has starred on hit television shows such as The Sopranos, she is also critically acclaimed for her lead role performances in many independent films and plays. In addition to acting and filmmaking, Lisa dedicates a better amount of her time to various

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Ambreen Ali, Communications Associate

There is always a behind-the-scenes brain who’s responsibilities and contributions are essential for any successful operation. Although she mastered numbers with an undergraduate degree in finance, Ambreen Ali, 22, Communications Associate for National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, found her true calling in the world of non-profit organizations. Surrounded by suffering during a recent trip to her impoverished motherland Pakistan, Ambreen realized that she had a personal responsibility to help and serve those less fortunate. It was then that she joined

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