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Maz Jobrani, Actor/Comedian

At the age of 12, Maz Jobrani knew he wanted to act. His Iranian parents (surprise) persuaded him to pursue law telling him it was just a “different type” of acting but with a more reliable income. Not wanting to disappoint, he went as far as enrolling in a PhD program in political science before dropping out and dedicating all his efforts into acting and comedy. Now 34, Maz hasn’t looked backed. That’s because he’s starred in everything from The West Wing to The Interpreter and several other shows and movies. And if he’s not on a set, he’s keeping his humor sharp with

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Sara Razavi, Project Associate

What if kids turning 18 were consistently and systematically being kicked out of the only home they have? For children in foster care, this is often a reality: they get forced into the world with no support system and little training, and end up becoming homeless half the time. It’s something Honoring Emancipated Youth (HEY) and Sara Razavi, 26, won’t stand for. Since 2001, this California-based non-profit has helped to coordinate services and aid with

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