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Oussama Mubarak, New Media Designer

New Media Designer Oussama Mubarak

Freelance work is among the most competitive types of employment. Networking and being on the cutting edge of your field are crucial to success in the freelance world as well as in the ever-expanding field of competition for all lines of work. Oussama Mubarak (Oz), a 24-year-old freelance New Media Designer/Developer is a tri-lingual artist whose talents cast a wide net in the cut throat world of freelance work. His interests are as vast as the world he has experienced: computer science, web design and photography all work together to keep Oussama ahead of the competition. Anyone looking to have a real effect on their field of study or work can look to a page from Oussama’s biography for inspiration…

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Turn That Hot Business Idea Into Something Real
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Andrea Noravian of the Armenian American Cultural Association
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Worst. Interview. Ever.
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25 The age of the youngest Nobel Laureate. Lawrence Bragg received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1915.

Nobel Foundation

Turn That Hot Business Idea Into Something Real We’ve all had those moments – that point in your career where you want to give it all up start that dream company you’ve imagined for years. For those of you with the guts to do it, we’ve decided to give out some helpful hint on the fundamentals of business development. Check out our 7-point how-to guide towards successfully launching your business idea.

Andrea Noravian, Executive Associate

Andrea Noravian of the Armenian American Cultural Association First and only are two words that often come up when talking about the Armenian American Cultural Association (AACA) and the 22-year-old Executive Associate, Andrea Noravian who helps to make the AACA an awe-inspiring success. Groundbreaking does not go far enough to describe what happens at the AACA and the effect it is having on individual lives…

Worst. Interview. Ever. We’ve all had them – the point in an interview that makes you cringe and think, “Did I really just say/do that?”, leaving you only to grin stupidly. Or run away. Whatever your moment, we want to know! Tell us your most embarrassing/strange/funny interview experience, so that our TCC readers know they’re not alone in their embarassing mistakes. And don’t worry – you can be as anonymous as you want – just let us know in your email. Either way, it makes us laugh. With you, that is.

AAI Condemns Attack on Arab American Candidate Bill Dalati in Anaheim, California
Arab-baiting a nation-wide phenomenon. Why is the “Detroit Jewish News” attacking Arab community leaders?
A tiny minority of American Jews is playing a key role in souring ties between Jerusalem and Washington
Ethiopia: Torah scrolls taken to Israel
ACC gala focuses on ‘Building Hope, Building Lives’

October 19

Hatian Band – Drums of Haiti
when 7:30 pm (EST); 2 hours
price $6
details view

Hatian Band – Drums of Haiti (Traditional Haitian roots music)

October 27

when 7:30 pm (EST); 4 minutes
where Pratt Mansion, 1027 Fifth Avenue in New York-Manhattan, NY
price $75
details view | go to website

Poker Tournament and a Fashion Show

November 20

SAMMY! The incredible journey of Mahatma Gandhi
when 7:58 am (EST); 2 hours
where Spangenberg Theatre, 780 Arastradero Road , Palo Alto 94306 in Palo Alto, CA
price $100/$75/$50/$20
details view | go to website

Winner of 2006 Excellence in Theatre Awards for the Best Play, Best Actor, Best Original Script & Best Costume Design

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