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Award Winning Spoken Word Artist & Designer Oveous Maximus

New York. Los Angeles. Amsterdam. Paris. Hawaii. Oveous Maximus, 31, is a world traveler not because he chooses to be but because the demand for his ‘gift’ allows him to be. He’s an internationally recognized and award-winning Spoken Word Artist that touches the lives of every individual that happens to come across his path. The beginnings of his spoken word career came after his brother, Carlos “Ziiinc Blue” Salcedo, tragically ended his life. This hardship inspired Oveous to live the life he wanted his brother to live and share his brother’s brilliance to his current followers. You may already recognize Oveous as he was featured on Showtime at the Apollo, as a HBO Def Poet, on CurrentTV, and as Grandslam Poetry Champion…

Professional Confessionals
Lesson Learned: Don’t Forget to Check Your Ass
Non-Profit Spotlight
Non-Profit Multimedia Angel George Aguilar
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$74,602 The salary per year, on average, for workers 18 and over with an advanced degree (higher than a bachelors).

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Lesson Learned: Don’t Forget to Check Your Ass
I’m here to bare my soul about a particularly embarrassing interview experience I had that resulted in me…well..baring my ass. Accidentally, of course! Here’s what happened: I was going through the interview process for a hi-tech Fortune 500 company that consisted of four interviews. I made my way through the first three and had just one more to go that could make or break me getting this job I really wanted…

Non-Profit Multimedia Angel George Aguilar
George Aguilar, freelance multimedia director and producer, is a highly sought after resource for the Non-Profit world. His impressive resume includes producing award winning animations, documentaries and digital films that help extend important messages from the organization he is working with to the larger audience. George finds himself in a very small group of individuals that can and do produce these normal high-end services at an organizations limited budget…

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November 2

Zerobridge Showcase
when 9:15 pm (EST); 2 hours minutes
where Alphabet Lounge in New York, NY
price $10
details view | go to website

Zerobridge Showcase – a performance of this underground band’s addictive music

November 20

SAMMY! The incredible journey of Mahatma Gandhi
when 7:58 pm (EST); 2 hours
where Spangenberg Theatre, 780 Arastradero Road , Palo Alto 94306 in Palo Alto, CA
price $100/$75/$50/$20
details view | go to website

Winner of 2006 Excellence in Theatre Awards for the Best Play, Best Actor, Best Original Script & Best Costume Design

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