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Maritza Martinez, Program Associate

Maritza Martinez of Echoing Green

What if you had a simple yet innovative idea with the potential to make a positive shift in the world? For many people, turning that idea into reality isn’t always possible – work and family commitments, bills to pay, and above all else, trouble finding others dedicated enough to see your vision through. Lucky for everyone, then, that Echoing Green is around. For nearly 20 years, Echoing Green, with the help of people like Program Associate Maritza Martinez, has been scouting for social visionaries eager to move the world towards positivity. The organization provides seed money (as much as $90,000 for two years) and support through various resources and its extensive network of other social entrepreneurs each year to the most outstanding innovators in social change…

A Young Professional Cheat Sheet
Young & Professional Profile
Scientist and Artist Nuvia Crisol Guerra
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Confessions of a Slacker
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A Young Professional Cheat Sheet

A Young Professional Cheat Sheet
As a young professional, you’re stressed out about a multitude of things: finding a job you’re happy with, getting ahead, staying ahead and trying to enjoy it all at the same time. In an attempt to make your life a wee bit easier, we’ve created a hot list of useful resources that caters to the important facets of your professional life.

Nuvia Crisol Guerra, Artist

Scientist and Artist Nuvia Crisol Guerra
Nuvia Crisol Guerra, age 28 and professional artist, began showing her paintings in taquerias and coffee houses so that her creations could be more accessible to the general public. Within a few years, her work was displayed internationally and professional galleries were craving more. Thus was born the series ‘Loteria de la Mujer’ which focuses on the varying stages and roles of women’s lives, highlighting their strength and beauty in every which phase. Nuvia throws herself fully into…

Confessions of a Slacker

Confessions of a Slacker
You know you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes it’s a pain to go to work 5 days out of the week; and sometimes you need to be a little, let’s say, creative to get your boss to give you the day off. What was your best excuse to get out of work? We want to know. And don’t worry, we won’t tell on you. We’ll just use it on our next lazy day and be very appreciative of the tip. Submit your professional confessional here.

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November 20

SAMMY! The incredible journey of Mahatma Gandhi
when 4:58 pm (PST); 2 hours
where Spangenberg Theatre, 780 Arastradero Road , Palo Alto 94306 in Palo Alto, CA
price $100/$75/$50/$20
details view | go to website

Winner of 2006 Excellence in Theatre Awards for the Best Play, Best Actor, Best Original Script & Best Costume Design

December 7

Singer Sachal Vasandani performs at Sweet Rhythm NYC
when 8:00 pm (EST); 2 sets 8 & 10
where Sweet Rhythm, 88 Seventh Ave. So (@ Bleecker) in New York City, NY
price $15
details view | go to website

Singer Sachal Vasandani performs original music in New York at one of the city’s top clubs, Sweet Rhythm.

This special concert is being produced by Gail Boyd Artist Management. more info on Sachal @ www.sachalvasandani.com

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