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Founder Damaris Valero of Animus Group

Damaris Valero’s twenty year history of media and marketing successes have thrust her down a path unforeseen by few in the entertainment industry. As Founder of Animus Entertainment Group, Damaris leads a progressive team of energetic go-getters producing film and television programming while also launching product and name brand commercial campaigns. Working internationally and also within the niche Hispanic market, her impressive list of clients include NBC/Telemundo, Nissan, Sprint/Nextel, Fox Television, Warner Music Group, and Gol TV. Damaris attributes her successes to living out her goals rather than dreaming about them alone, so if you’re interested to make your stamp on the world…

United in Hypocrisy by Preeti Aroon
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Top Entrepreneur & Non-Profit Leader Lizette Cruz-Watko
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Confessions of a Slacker
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2.5 The number, in millions, of millionaires in the United States.


United in Hypocrisy

United in Hypocrisy
Here’s an obvious solution to the United States’ illegal immigration problem: Create more jobs in Mexico. Unfortunately, neither of the two sides most outspoken about illegal immigration support this solution…If you don’t want Mexico’s poor spilling over the border, then work to “turn off” the conditions that drive them to spill over.

Top Entrepreneur & Non-Profit Leader Lizette Cruz-Watko
Lizette Cruz-Watko. Remember this name. Listed twice in Hispanic Magazine as one of the Top 100 Hispanic entrepreneurs, Lizette has covered more professional ground than any of us will see in a lifetime. She founded North Carolina’s first Spanish language magazine and facilitated creation of the state’s first Latin Music, Dance, and Arts Festival; she established the Miss All-American Latina pageant, and then moved on to her most prominent role now as Executive Director of Diamante, Inc.

Confessions of a Slacker

Confessions of a Slacker
You know you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes it’s a pain to go to work 5 days out of the week; and sometimes you need to be a little, let’s say, creative to get your boss to give you the day off. What was your best excuse to get out of work? We want to know. And don’t worry, we won’t tell on you. We’ll just use it on our next lazy day and be very appreciative of the tip. Submit your professional confessional here.

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Clergyman offers Latino families homeschooling option

December 16

commotion 2
when 12:00 am (PST); 5 hours
where space180 in San Francisco, CA
price $2
details view | go to website

commotion 2 is a crafts expo at Kearny Street Workshop. Come and mingle with other like-minded artists in the community and sell your wares!

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