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Kamin Mohammadi, Freelance Writer

British Writer Kamin Mohammadi

Straddling two worlds in apparent opposition can be tricky, but that’s exactly what Writer Kamin Mohammadi, 35, is doing. Born in Iran, Kamin was brought up in the culture until she moved to London at 10. Her cultural knowledge didn’t fade despite being introduced to ‘western thought’, and it’s the experience of both sides that has influenced her work and interest to the human side of a blatantly political conflict. She is currently working on a memoir – The Cypress Tree – which draws on over one hundred years of her family’s history to paint a story of Iran. But her interest to bring the two sides together goes beyond writing, as she hopes to also create an art exhibition about the Iran-Iraq war. What will the future bring for Kamin? Find out in this week’s Young & Professional Profile…

Is technology liberating women? by Preeti Aroon
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Jana El-Horr of Soliya
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Confessions of a Slacker
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23 The percentage of the world’s 6.1 billion people who live off of less than $1 dollar per day.

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Is technology liberating women?

Is technology liberating women?
The challenge of determining the best time to have a baby is one I came across often in graduate school, where many women in their mid to late 20s are at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives. They may be at the biologically optimal age to have children, but they are neither financially nor personally ready for a baby. As a result, American women of the 21st century struggle…

Jana El Horr

Jana El-Horr of Soliya
The conflict between Islam and ‘the West’ is about as old as Islam itself. In recent times, though, this conflict has once again escalated, pitting Muslims not against non-Muslims, and even against each other. Soliya, a non-profit organization founded in 2003, was created to help bridge the understanding divide that remains the primary cause of a contentious and often violent struggle. With the help of…

Confessions of a Slacker

Confessions of a Slacker
You know you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes it’s a pain to go to work everyday; and sometimes you need to be a little, let’s say, creative to get your boss to give you the day off. What was your best excuse to get out of work? We want to know. And don’t worry, we won’t tell on you. We’ll just use it on our next lazy day and be thankful for it. Submit your professional confessional here.

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December 16

ACCC Annual Holiday Bazaar
when 12:00 am (EST); 2 hours
where Arab Cultural & Community Center 2 Plaza Street, San Francisco, CA 94116 in San Francisco, CA
price FREE
details view | go to website

Gift ideas for Christmas or Eid Al-Adha! Arts, jewlery, calendars, scarves, kid’s Booth, Free Henna tatoos, Music- DJ Ahmed and complimentary refreshments. Open to the public, FREE of charge!

commotion 2
when 12:00 am (PST); 5 hours
where space180 in San Francisco, CA
price $2
details view | go to website

commotion 2 is a crafts expo at Kearny Street Workshop. Come and mingle with other like-minded artists in the community and sell your wares!

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