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Phillia Downs, President and Founder

Phillia Kim Downs: Fashionista, Designer & Entrepreneur Extraordinairre

Fashion Designer Phillia Kim Downs, 30, Founder and President of pH by phillia, Inc. had an unlikely start in her industry as she originally pursued her studies in Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics and Optometry. No matter how hard she tried to gear herself into the world of science – art and fashion kept pulling her back, or more appropriately, pushed her forward. She spends her day working with clients to design cute and sexy wardrobes, picking and falling in love with fabrics and developing hot new fashion forward ideas. Envious? Phillia shares with us that as much as she loves and can’t get enough of what she does, designing is only 3% of her responsibilities. She is after all a businesswoman and entrepreneur and there are many more concerns than just her design collection…

Is Technology Liberating Women?
by Preeti Aroon
Non-Profit Spotlight
Aimee Suzara: Speaker-Box for Social Change
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Confessions of a Slacker
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23 The percentage of the world’s 6.1 billion people who live off of less than $1 dollar per day.

National Geographic

Is Technology Liberating Women?

Is Technology Liberating Women?
The challenge of determining the best time to have a baby is one I came across often in graduate school, where many women in their mid to late 20s are at a crossroads in their personal and professional lives. They may be at the biologically optimal age to have children, but they are neither financially nor personally ready for a baby. As a result, American women of the 21st century struggle…

Aimee Suzara, Teacher and Cultural Worker | Photo credit: D. Samuel Marsh

Aimee Suzara:
Speaker-Box for Social Change

Passionate for social change and determined to continue to give a damn about the injustices we face, Aimee Suzara, 30, Writer, Performer, Cultural Worker, Arts Educator and Co-Founder of FACES (Filipino/American Coalition for Environmental Solidarity), spends much of her waking moments using her voice as a speaker box for awareness and change. Her work takes her from…

Confessions of a Slacker

Confessions of a Slacker
You know you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes it’s a pain to go to work everyday; and sometimes you need to be a little, let’s say, creative to get your boss to give you the day off. What was your best excuse to get out of work? We want to know. And don’t worry, we won’t tell on you. We’ll just use it on our next lazy day and be thankful for it. Submit your professional confessional here.

Research Reveals the Asian Appetite
Asian-Americans take dim view of Rosie
Love Your Asian American Artists!
The difficulties of growing up Asian American
On Asian-American Admissions

December 31

MingleNow Public Launch
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