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Danny Dera

Social Nework Innovator Danny Dera of OArabs.com

It used to be that Type-A personalities could probably boast about having more friends than the average person. But in the era of social networks, even the biggest recluse can have friends in the hundreds (some of them could even be celebrities!). It’s another facet of the digital divide, having too many friends to truly build/maintain a relationship with (let alone meet). Oarabs.com is trying to change that. Founded in August 2005, Oarabs.com, with a team of innovators like Danny Dera, 28, wants to bridge the online world with the real world. The emphasis isn’t on having a laundry list of…

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True Confessions of a Slacker
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Inas Elmashni of Zawaya
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32.9 The percentage of the U.S. workforce, ages 25 and older, that have at least a college degree.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

True Confessions of a Slacker

True Confessions of a Slacker
In Boston, my commute to work was fairly simple. I woke up, got ready, stepped out the door and took 15-minutes to get to work. The city was small, and if I happened to be late, I couldn’t use the excuse “I hit a lot of traffic”. Also I am a lazy person, so by winters time, my “sick” days were spent. One winter’s morning after a big snowstorm…

Inas Elmashni

Inas Elmashni of Zawaya
The best way to learn about another culture is to experience it, plain and simple. Especially during times of escalated cultural tensions. Zawaya is answering the call of increasing awareness of Arab culture. Founded in 2001, this Bay Area non-profit has been actively involved in the community and, with the support of volunteers like Inas Elmashni, brings music, arts, theatre, poetry, and general culture…

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December 18

Holiday Sale at League of Artisans
when 1:00 pm (EST); Shop now until Christmas
where www.leagueofartisans.org in New York, NY
price Free
details view | go to website

Buy distinctive handmade products from India this holiday season. Hand-painted raw silk journals, semi-precious jewelry, all-natural silk scarves, and hand-embroidered quilts. All sales provide fair wages and investments in artisan enterprises.

December 31

MingleNow Public Launch
when 12:00 am (PST); Social Site Launch
where Online – www.minglenow.com in USA, CA
price Free
details view | go to website

MingleNow is designed to connect you with your favorite places and friends and events before you go out, while youÂ’re out and after you return home.

March 29

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s 6th Annual Conversity Dinner
when 6:00 pm (PST); 3 hours
where USC Town and Gown in Los Angeles, CA
price $150/ticket
details view | go to website

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s annual awards dinner honoring those who exemplify “conversity” through their work to achieve positive human relations.

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