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Jotham Ty, Founder and CFO

Serial Entrepreneur Jotham Ty

For Jotham Ty, 25, Founder and CFO of Newcross Consulting, CFO of Hatch Media, and CPA, age is nothing but a number. He found early on that he had a knack for not only building businesses but growing them to be successful. Jotham’s work takes him anywhere from providing top level financial management and compliance consulting to working on alternative media sources to help companies brand consumer products. Competitive by nature, Jotham enjoys winning contract bids against the Big 4 Accounting Firms and harnessing his intellect and enthusiasm to help his clients prosper…

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True Confessions of a Slacker
Non-Profit Spotlight
Executive Director Suely Ngouy of Khmer Girls in Action
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32.9 The percentage of the U.S. workforce, ages 25 and older, that have at least a college degree.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

True Confessions of a Slacker

True Confessions of a Slacker
In Boston, my commute to work was fairly simple. I woke up, got ready, stepped out the door and took 15-minutes to get to work. The city was small, and if I happened to be late, I couldn’t use the excuse “I hit a lot of traffic”. Also I am a lazy person, so by winters time, my “sick” days were spent. One winter’s morning after a big snowstorm…

Suely Ngouy, Executive Director

Executive Director Suely Ngouy of Khmer Girls in Action
When Suely Ngouy, Executive Director of Khmer Girls in Action (KGA) was 10 years old, she didn’t have career or professional hopes and aspirations. Instead, she had a sole focus in figuring out how to alleviate the economic problems her family faced as well as other families within the Cambodian community. She knew early on that she wanted to be a source of change for this community and now…

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Asian Americans Less Likely to Seek Help

December 31

MingleNow Public Launch
when 12:00 am (PST); Social Site Launch
where Online – www.minglenow.com in USA, CA
price Free
details view | go to website

MingleNow is designed to connect you with your favorite places and friends and events before you go out, while you’re out and after you return home.

January 4

The Color of Motion: Han Yoon Jung Prints
when 6:00 pm (EST); 3 weeks
where Agora Gallery in New York, NY
price free
details view | go to website

Award winning printmaker Han Yoon Jung uses animal iconography to compose surrealist metaphors that point at meaning yet never define one.

January 29

Emerging Asian American Poets
when 7:30 pm (EST); 2 hours
where Folger Elizabethan Theatre in Washington, DC
price $12
details view | go to website

Tina Chang, Srikanth Reddy and Victoria Chang tackle identity politics in contemporary America. With varying styles, these poets craft global poetry fitting for literature’s increasingly diverse world stage.

March 29

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s 6th Annual Conversity Dinner
when 6:00 pm (PST); 3 hours
where USC Town and Gown in Los Angeles, CA
price $150/ticket
details view | go to website

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s annual awards dinner honoring those who exemplify “conversity” through their work to achieve positive human relations.

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