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Social Activist, Entrepreneur & Design Goddess Favianna Rodriguez

What happens when you cross cutting edge design with social activism? The potential for the largest vehicle of change: communication. Favianna Rodriguez, 28, and other like-minded individuals came together in 2002 to create Tumis, an extremely successful strategic design & communications firm that works to empower progressive and socially conscious organizations to stand out and make a difference. But it’s not enough that Favianna is a Co-Founder & Artistic Director of something so ambitious: she’s also involved with Eastside Arts Alliance (connecting artists from all backgrounds) and Taller Tupac Amaru

Political Missionaries by Sana Amanat
Non-Profit Spotlight
Dallas Concillio of Hispanic Service Organizations
Share Your Story
An Uncomfortable Truth
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9 The number of full or part-time jobs that the average 32 year-old has held since entering the workforce.

– U.S. Department of Labor

Political Missionaries

Political Missionaries
The images of the grimly made cell-phone video of Saddam Hussein’s assassination leave many with an acrid taste in their mouths. It seems victorious for some, a justified ending of an animal who murdered many without any cause for regret, and is an ominous warning for those who dare to act like him. For others, the judgment came swiftly, before we had ample time to process…

Dallas Concillio of Hispanic Service Organizations
It’s a truly great thing when an organization meant to help a community actually understands the needs and complexities of that community. Such is the case with the Dallas Concilio of Hispanic Service Organizations (DC), an organization staffed and run by bi-cultural and bilingual professionals. Individuals like Yvonne Morin, 22, Research and Education Coordinator, work hard to serve the…

An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomfortable Truth
Ah, the awkward moment. We’ve all had them, but it becomes particularly disconcerting when it happens at work. Your boss may look at you differently from now on, but you can at least attempt to laugh it off — and we’ll help you, so please, share your “awkward moment” with us and we’ll publish the best of the best (you can keep your anonymity if you’d like).

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Texas town pushes through racist ordinance
Alarcon: Top 10 things you need to know about Latino women
Mayor endorses Flores Aguilar for school board
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January 11

Jose Guadalupe Posada and the Mexican Broadside
when 10:30 am (CST); 2 days
where Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL
price $12
details view | go to website

This exhibition explores the collection of late 19th and early 20th century Mexican broadsides. At that time of era the popular press publishers and itinerant hawkers use to sell these colorful, graphically powerful sheets on the street as penny handbills

January 26

South Asian Awareness Network Conference
when 3:00 pm (EST); 3 days
where University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI
price $45.00
details view | go to website

The CulturalConnect co-founders, Sumaya Kazi and Raymond Rouf will be speaking at this conference.

SAAN stands for “South Asian Awareness Network”. It is a student organization at the University of Michigan that was formed by the co-operative

March 29

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s 6th Annual Conversity Dinner
when 6:00 pm (PST); 3 hours
where USC Town and Gown in Los Angeles, CA
price $150/ticket
details view | go to website

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s annual awards dinner honoring those who exemplify “conversity” through their work to achieve positive human relations.

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