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Youngest U.S. Newspaper Bureau Chief Hannah Allam

Imagine engaging in dialogue with communities from the most war torn cities around the globe, documenting international affairs as they happen by the minute, and country-hopping to more than a dozen locales annually. Imagine these opportunities as your full time job! For Hannah Allam, age 29, Cairo Bureau Chief for McClatchy Newspapers, this is the reality that’s helped effectively encapsulate world events for the domestic audience…

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Ammar Abdulhamid of the Tharwa Foundation
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An Uncomfortable Truth
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6.4 The percent of the workforce who are women who maintain families.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Ammar Abdulhamid of the Tharwa Foundation
Awareness, activism, empowerment, and education. These goals of the Tharwa Foundation are what direct its tireless efforts to develop and strengthen Muslim communities throughout the Mideast. The institution’s Director, Ammar Abdulhamid, explains that one of the ultimate objectives is for individuals to make greater political strides, becoming more involved in their governments’ futures, and to…

An Uncomfortable Truth

An Uncomfortable Truth
Ah, the awkward moment. We’ve all had them, but it becomes particularly disconcerting when it happens at work. Your boss may look at you differently from now on, but you can at least attempt to laugh it off — and we’ll help you, so please, share your “awkward moment” with us and we’ll publish the best of the best (you can keep your anonymity if you’d like).

Capital Punishment: An Islamic Perspective
Arab-American to become first Massachusetts homeland security
AAI scholarshipfor Arab American journalism students
Jewish-American Group Slams Wesley Clark for Slurs
It’s Time to Stop ‘Hatin’ On Muslims in Washington

February 16

North American South Asian Law Students Association 9th Annual Conference
when 5:00 pm (PST); 3 days
where Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco, CA
price $65
details view | go to website

NASALSA proudly presents its 9th Annual Conference, hosted by Golden Gate University School of Law and co-sponsored by University of San Francisco School of Law. The conference will be held Presidents’ Day Weekend, February 16-18, 2007. The conference the

February 19

Elie Bou Zeidan Exhibits in New York
when 11:00 pm (EST); 3 weeks
where Agora Gallery in New York, NY
price free
details view | go to website

Elie Bou Zeidan is upholding the classical traditions in painting with beautifully crafted works of still-lives, landscapes, and nudes.

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