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Successful Webeneur Amir P. of Bia2 LLC

When Amir P., 23, founded Bia2 LLC in April 2003, he really didn’t know what he was getting himself into. His vision was simple – he wanted to create an online portal for a younger generation that allowed him to show others, specifically non-Iranians, the beauty and culture of his country. The site boasts editorial bloggers, music and video reviews, radio pieces, forums and much more. With a detailed eye on new technologies and an inherent business sense to continue to differentiate his site, Amir P. and team bring in over one million visitors per month…

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Generation Y-Me?
by Candice Vance
News you need
Happenings across the country
52.7 The percentage of residents ages 25 and older who have a bachelors degree of higher in the world’s smartest city Seattle which is followed closely by San Francisco


One moment can forever transform a generation. Whether it was WWII or the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the result was the same. A generation of Americans was forever changed in a way that would differentiate it from any others. The impact has repercussions long after the moment it happened and can virtually transform a generation…

Feminism and the Arab
Breast cancer awareness project established for Arab American community
Iranian-American To Be Beverly Hills Mayor
Iranian Americans Welcome Persian New Year March 20
Israeli Films Strike Chord

March 24

Not Given: Talking of and Around Images of Arab Women
when 12:00 am (PST); all day
where San Francisco Camerawork in San Francisco, CA
price unknown
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Based on the collection of photographs housed at the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut, ‘Not Given,’ guest curated by Dore Bowen and Isabelle Massu, challenges the photograph’s privileged status by interrogating its discursive context, exploring the skin of

when 8:00 pm (EST); 2 hours
where Westside Theatre in New York, NY
price $65
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‘Jewtopia’ tells the story of two 30-year-old single men, Chris O’Connell and Adam Lipschitz. Chris, a gentile, wants to marry a nice Jewish girl so he’ll never have to make another decision. After forming a secret pact, Adam promises to help Chris…

My Trip To Al-Qaeda
when 8:00 pm (EST); 3 hours
where Culture Project (formerly Manhattan Ensemble Theater) in New York, NY
price unknown
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Before September 11th, 2001, Al-Qaeda was largely unknown to most Americans. But for many members of the FBI, CIA, politicians and intelligence operatives worldwide, it represented a very real, constant and growing…

The Art of The Arab Violin with Alfred Gamil at Alwan
when 9:00 pm (EST); 2 hours
where Alwan For The Arts in New York, NY
price $15
details view | go to website

Alfred Gamil was born in Cairo in 1957. In 1972 he completed the preparatory school education at the Frères School (Collège de la Salle). In the same year he enrolled at the High Institute for Arabic Music, at the Secondary Section. 1975 he obtained the D

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