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Jared Kim, Serial Entrepreneur

Teenage Entrepreneurial Whiz Jared Kim

Most high school seniors are asked the question that can haunt/annoy them through their 20s: what do you want to do in life? For Jared Kim, 19, the question is the exact opposite: what new startup do you want to tackle? At such a young age, this serial entrepreneur has made huge strides in the technology sphere that many other startups can only wish for, and he’s doing it all by himself. His current venture, Yaqqer, makes sharing your location with friends via cellphones a snap (through universal SMS technology)…

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Non-Profit Spotlight
Jonathan Lorenzo of the Filipino American Library
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52.7 The percentage of residents ages 25 and older who have a bachelors degree of higher in the world’s smartest city Seattle which is followed closely by San Francisco



One moment can forever transform a generation. Whether it was WWII or the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the result was the same. A generation of Americans was forever changed in a way that would differentiate it from any others. The impact has repercussions long after the moment it happened and can virtually transform a generation…

Jonathan Lorenzo, Administrator

Jonathan Lorenzo of the Filipino American Library
If there’s one thing Jonathan Lorenzo, 24 knows (or wants to know) best, it’s the Phillipines. As Administrator of the Filipino American Library and, currently, the only paid staffer, Jonathan is charged with a number of responsibilities in his pursuit to educate anyone and everyone about Filipino culture. But it wasn’t always like that. It took a trip through Asia and Europe during college…

Chinese American Family Wants Investigation Into Daughter’s Suicide in Army Training Camp
Vietnamese Nonprofit Builds Homes for Dorchester Residents
New comedy boasts Asian American talent
Asian American Legal Advocates Espouse Need for Diversity on the Bench
APALC to Launch Inaugural Asian Pacific American Book Festival

March 29

Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s 6th Annual Conversity Dinner
when 11:00 pm (PST); 3 hours
where USC Town and Gown in Los Angeles, CA
price $150/ticket
details view | go to website

The Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center’s annual awards dinner honoring those who exemplify “conversity” through their work to achieve positive human relations.

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