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In the business world, it’s all about who you know. Meet The CulturalConnect.
Young, savvy and ambitious just like you, The CulturalConnect is the mentor from college that you call for advice, the good friend at work who always inspires you and your best friend from home that keeps you up-to-date on everything important happening in your community – all rolled into one Web site and a weekly free e-magazine of your choosing.

Founded in 2005, The CulturalConnect has grown from one weekly e-magazine to five weekly e-magazines, over 600 published interviews of awe-inspiring young professionals, and a fast growing readership in over 100 countries. Each weekly magazine and website delivers accessible, must-read profiles of the professional world’s often overlooked population of driven, innovative, progressive and successful under-35 leaders to an expansive subscriber base of up-and-coming individuals of the same type.

The DesiConnectThe MidEastConnectThe LatinConnectThe AsiaConnect and The AfricanaConnect are your weekly injections of success through sections like:

Young & Professional Profile

These interviews shed the image of the suit-sporting, Blackberry-toting young professional, who spends the hours of 9am-5pm chained to his/her cubicle. It gives new meaning to what it is to be young and professional. We spotlight a community of young leaders that are bonded by success. We dig through unmarked offices and use untraditional methods to find undiscovered young talent across various ethnic communities and across various industries.

Non-Profit Spotlight

We recognize that young professionals also channel their passions toward non-profit ventures. These organizations, often glazed over or lumped together in mainstream press, are granted the Spotlight in each of our weekly issues. The Non-Profit Spotlights educate and awaken readers by spotlighting young individuals in the Non-Profit community – bringing issues affecting the young professional community to the forefront.


A new and highly popular feature of the sites, The ConnectionPoint, encourages and enables you to interface directly with Young Professional and Non Profit young professionals we spotlight, allowing you to build both professional and informal networks with people you find inspiring.

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