Ebrahim Lakhani, Co-Founder


Company Name

Extra Medium Sound


Spring 2001


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Ebrahim Lakhani, Producer/Writer/Engineer/Co-Founder, 26


Vancouver, Canada

Current residence

Vancouver, Canada


College put on hold

Past experience

Canadian Springs Water Company, Distribution Manager



The business 411

About the company

Extra Medium Sound (EMS) is dedicated to making hits. It’s responsible for providing music recording services as well as music recording facilities for local and international musicians. Along with artists and musicians, we also establish relationships and contracts with businesses, providing them with any sound services necessary (i.e. – Internet music/sound fx, radio and television jingles).

The company is operated by 4 members: Ryan Barbaza, Evan Chan, Francis Garcia and Ebrahim Lakhani. Each member brings different expertise to the table and are all equally responsible for the creative and operational aspects of the business. Our diversity and innovation allows EMS to create anything from heartfelt ballads to hard-hitting club hits.

Creatively, I’m responsible for producing instrumentals, arranging vocal concepts, writing lyrics for songs and jingles and engineering recording sessions. Aside from that, I’m constantly seeking out new artists and opportunities to add to our catalogue.

Most notable milestones

Prior to starting up Extra Medium Sound, I was a freelance producer/writer. The most recent and rewarding campaign I was involved in was with McDonald’s and their “I’m Loving It” campaign. I was responsible for the musical arrangements for several radio spots, which aired for a sixth month period all across Canada. Talk about royalties galore! Other reputable companies I worked along side with include Lego Land and Coca-Cola.

Who could forget about a group named O-town back in 2000-2001?! I was fortunate enough to be a contributor to the project, in the form of a song called “Shy Girl”. The production team and I all received platinum awards when the O-town album reached one million records sold!

What’s the niche?

Unfortunately, a lot of Canadian artists and producers get categorized as sounding “So Canadian”. That’s a very hard label to shake once lumped. I’ve always thought of my musical tastes as being slightly off center and not so typically Canadian. My goal as an artist, and our goal as a company, is to always sound original and to never be categorized by the country you come from.

What’s in store for the future?

Well, along with my company obligations with Extra Medium Sound, I’ve also been in the studio recording and touring across North America, setting up for the release of my 1st full length record. We’re hoping to wrap up recording by early 2006 and have the album out by late 2006. There has been tremendous label buzz and fan support, so when all is said and done, I’ll be praying for success in any form.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

From a company perspective, we’re always looking for investors. This would help with some of the artist projects we’ve personally taken under our wing.

Currently, we have a full plate with our business and artist clientele, but any individuals who feel that they possess musical talent and would like to seek out our services, are more than welcome to contact us. That goes the same with any businesses who need any music or sound production aid.

For me personally, from an artists perspective? Investors, record labels, management, publishers and music lovers will be greeted with open arms.

Business Philosophy

Best way to keep a competitive edge

Realize your strengths and roll with them. It’s a great idea to mold and grow with trends within the music industry, but in the end your creativity will be compromised. What I’ve realized is that if you keep things close to your heart, personal and REAL…people will always be drawn to you. So as much as I love hip hop and country music like the next person?! You won’t see me rapping or singing with a twang any time soon.

As much as my love for music keeps me going, my hunger for success is even stronger.

Guiding principle in life

Follow your heart. I’ve often thought and been told that “big things just don’t happen to you or people you know.” Once I rid myself from this mentality, I focused myself 100% on my passion, regardless of individuals that may believe my dreams are far-fetched.

Yardstick of success

As much as I try and stay humble about my achievements or my skills, from a musical stand point, I wouldn’t have gotten involved in this industry if I didn’t think I could tango with the best. At the same time, criticism and nay-sayers always keep me motivated to work even harder. So hate me people, HATE ME!…kidding.

Goal yet to be achieved

To release a record. I told myself I’d have an album about by the time I was 21 and so I’m about five years behind schedule. God-willing, once my album is complete, it’ll be one of my biggest achievements to date.

Best practical advice

Never think your dreams are unattainable. Here I am, a little paki kid from Canada, deeply routed within the music industry. As much as the odds seem stacked against me, the only person that’ll stop me from making it…is ME.

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

I remember a classmate of mine, back in high school, kicked out the lead singer of his band to have me lead the group. It was a huge honor, as bad as I felt, but what it showed me is that he truly believed in me. We wrote some pretty crappy songs together, but it was a lot of fun. He was a huge inspiration to me, and although we never continued musically, I’d have to say he was the 1st person that ever got interested in pursuing a career in the music industry.


My mom. She’s endured a lot of hardship in her life and to see her overcome all those odds, has built great strength in me. Yep, I’m a mama’s boy.

True Confesion

What motivated you to get started?

Just my overall love for music. From classical to celtic folk, music just always keeps me inspired.

What keeps you motivated?

As much as my love for music keeps me going, my hunger for success is even stronger. There are only two levels in this business. You’re either at the bottom of the food chain or the very top. There’s no middle ground. So my struggle to the top isn’t a long one, but it’s what keeps me going.

Like best about what you do

Hearing the finished product after hours, days and weeks of hard work.

Like least about what you do

It’s honestly 24/7. My creative juices never stop flowing. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with ideas popping into my head. I used to keep a pad and pen by my pillow. Now I realized that sleep is better.

Three characteristics that describe you

Simple, Creative and Driven.

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Firefighter or an Astronaut.

Biggest pastime outside of work

Honestly?! Music is my past time AND my work. Kind of a bittersweet situation but I love it. Aside from that, hanging out and having long talks with my dad keeps me level headed.

Person most interested in meeting and why?

As much as I’m inspired by various people, there’s no one person in this world who grabs my attention than the next. Celebrities, politicians, professional athletes…they’re just people.

Leader in business most interested in meeting and why?

Refer to the above answer…kidding. But I guess, just to give an answer to this question, it would have to be either David Foster or Quincy Jones. They’re simply pioneers when it comes to successful businessmen, incorporating music into their careers.

Three interesting facts about yourself

1) I started shaving my head 5 years ago, when I once received a bad hair cut
2) I’m avid cd PURCHASER. So to all those who ask for a free copy of my album?! You’re not getting one.
3) I like to wear shorts even during the winter time. Keep in mind that I live in Canada and not California.

Three greatest passions

Religion, Family and Music.

Favorite book

English translation of the Qu’ran

Favorite cause

Anything that supports Muslim rights.