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Jaime(left) & Issac Salm(right), Co-Founders

Jaime Salm and the Simplicity of Sustainable Design

Creative Director Jaime Salm of MIO, a sustainable design lab based in Philadelphia, is living proof that the “trend” of green living is more factually a deeply rooted lifestyle. As designer, researcher, and manufacturer, he fills his days inventing feasible ways to merge the concepts of environmental utility to every day practicality. Jaime and his co-founder/brother, Isaac, focus on projects that develop wares which are easily recycled, shipped, disposed, and dissembled. Some of these products to date include wallpaper, lighting, shelving, and flooring, with tables and seating in the pipeline of developed products. Growing up with a hankering to tinker with objects around the house, Jaime never really foresaw that this everyday past time would become his sustaining career; but with business booming monthly, the pieces are in place for many professional sucesses to come. For more information on Jaime Salm, read on in this week’s The Latin Connect to learn how MIO makes green design accessible, affordable, and fun!

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Elizabeth Torres, Poet/ Painter/Motivational Speaker

Elizabeth Torres: 19-year-old Poet & Motivational Speaker

When her artistic side bloomed by age five and when her professional career launched at age 10, her family knew there was something different, rare, and intriguing about her. Elizabeth Torres, age 19, has experienced a lifetime’s worth of international travel, speaking engagements, and art showings all highlighting her abilities to speak, create, and develop new motivational concepts. An average week for Elizabeth might include meeting with student groups, writing new poetry, speaking on a radio show, attending university classes, or engaging in discussion with the nation’s corporate leaders. Nothing is out of reach for this young woman! With professional accolades and the vital support of her family behind her, Elizabeth begins every day with fresh eyes and a passion to explore the natural beauty in everyone and every environment. Read on to see where all of this energy originates and what lessons you might take away from Elizabeth’s work in this week’s The LatinConnect.

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Angela Page
Owner & Interior Designer

From Finance to Interior Design, Award-Winning Angela Page Shows Us How It’s Done

Angela Page, 33, took her finance degree and her love of design and turned them into a successful business. Stepping outside the box, she chose to leave the security of a corporate job and pursue her dream. The result? Le Creatif Designs, LLC., a successful interior design consulting firm launched in 2000. In 2007 Angela will open Le Creatif Design Gallery, which will offer quality, fashionable and unique furniture to the sophisticated client. Angela’s success is due in large part to her outlook on life, “Your dreams will inspire you but your goals will keep you moving in the right direction.” This belief has carried her through the many challenges of a small business owner. In 2005, she was awarded the Miller Urban Entrepreneur Series Business Plan Contest, which enabled her to invest more in her business. Angela’s accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, in 2007 she was nominated Black Enterprise Magazine’s Rising Star of the year. To learn more about Angela and how she turned her dreams into a successful business, read on in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Michael Cordero, Brand Architect

Brand Architect and Youth Adviser Michael Cordero

Michael Cordero, age 24 and Brand Architect of 1 SOUL DESIGNS, sees people and community as his strongest assets before income or financial gain. Launching this independent t-shirt brand in 2004, Michael first turned his classroom hobby into a small business venture at the local flea market. Now three years later, he, and business partner Randy Quiles, works with vendors on both coasts and in the international market as well. His motivation lays in the youth and community around him and how his designs will contribute to their education and uplift. Creating a Youth Apprenticeship program in addition to creating phenomenal fashions, Michael takes time to help New York’s high school students development creative skills and business know-how. Learn more in this week’s Young & Professional Profile about how Michael and 1 SOUL DESIGNS will enhance your wardrobe and an overall feeling of unity and pride.

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