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Babak Vosoughi, Founder & Designer

Successful Young Designer Babak Vosoughi

What do Lisa Marie Presley, the Wayans Brothers, Nickelback and our featured Young Professional of the Week, Babak Vosoughi, 32, have in common? They all sport his world famous clothing line, Remembrance. A serial Design entrepreneur, Babak has already successfully launched History Clothing and is working on launching Modern Prophecy this Fall. Design enthusiasts are flocking to high-end boutiques and department stores to grab a piece of Babak’s work – a fusion of cultures, historical events and modern art. Learn more about Babak and his entrepreneurial success as we spotlight him in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.


2003-History Clothing
Since then: Remembrance
Fall 2007: Modern Prophecy.






Babak Vosoughi
Founder & Designer




Los Angeles, CA

Current residence

Los Angeles, CA

Work Experience

Most of my work experience has been as a freelance designer for big companies and now through my own clothing lines.



About the company

WIth my current clothing line, Remembrance, my goal is to focus on different cultures, incidents, important historical events, etc. We currently have casual wear: t-shirts, hoodies, and hats. We sell nationwide and some countries in Europe.

My new line coming Fall 2007 will focus on higher end clothing.

I market to high-end boutiques and department stores. I have had celebrity clientèle such as: Lisa Marie Presley, the Wayans Brothers, Bobby Valentino, Billy Idol, and bands such as System of a Down, Papa Roach, Nickelback, and Super Nova wear my clothing.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

My day to day responsibilities include designing and handling the production of my line from A to Z. I am always designing new ideas and products for the next season.

Some days consist of research, meetings with my customers, seeing what they like about the product, meeting with my sales rep and production manager making sure everything is going smoothly with sales and production. Each day is different, but the ultimate goal is to do what I love best designing.

Most notable milestones

My most notable milestones have been starting my own clothing line, having my line featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, my clothing being worn by A list celebrities. My biggest milestone has been always accomplishing what I set out to do. I think it’s important to set goals and visualize them coming true.

What’s the niche?

I was the first to design apparel with a focus on my Persian roots and put Persian history on garments with a modern street wear flare. My new line will be unique garments one of a kind that I hand stitch and customize which will have a dark rock vibe.

What’s the biggest challenge?

I try to be positive and not see things as obstacles. As long as you set your mind and focus on achieving your goal it will be accomplished. If I had to say a challenge it would probably be that others be more positive.

What’s in store for the future?

What I have in store for the future is a full line including hand made silver jewelry and sunglasses. I also plan on getting distribution world wide for my clothing lines.

Best way to keep a competitive edge

Lots of traveling, reading books, meeting new people.

Guiding principle in life

My guiding principle in life is that I get positive feedback and energy from my fans. I am in this field because I have a passion for fashion and talent for creating what the fans like to wear. I like to design a style that is comfortable, simple, and stylish for every day wear.

Yardstick of success

My yardstick of success is when I have a fashion empire where I have men and women’s full lines, have a few designers under my direction and am going public with my clothing lines.

Goal yet to be achieved

Growing my company to be recognized world-wide.

Best practical advice

Never give up and follow your dreams no matter how much it costs!

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

My family and friends always tell me to follow my dreams. I have a great support system in my family and have the best of friends.


I have several mentors in my life. Designer Amir was one of these mentors. He told me to follow my dreams.

What motivated you to get started?

In 1997 I went to Milan, Italy for modeling and have been in the fashion industry since then. During that time I was inspired to pursue my own clothing line.

Like best about what you do?

Freedom to express my ideas and create something that people appreciate.

Like least about what you do?

What I like least about this industry is that people copy designs and take the credit of those who actually had the creative idea and put the hard work into it!

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

At the age of 10 I wanted to be an Actor. However, I always had a gift for fashion and that is what I really wanted. I think in fashion you are acting as well, models on the catwalk are acting a part with the clothes they wear and the designer creates the scenes for the audience to see.

What was your first job?

At age of 15, I had a summer job working on a strawberry farm. I hated it!

Biggest pastime outside of work

My biggest pastime outside of work is spending time with my family and traveling.

Person most interested in meeting?

Alexander McQueen (Designer) he has been my biggest inspiration. He was given the title of best designer at a young age of 21!

Leader in business most interested in meeting?

Alexander McQueen because I admire his work.

Three interesting facts about yourself

  1. At the young age of 11 I was sent to live alone (without my family) in a different country due to the war in Iran.
  2. In 1994, I went to the army in Iran for two and a half years, had a great experience and met life long friends.
  3. Determined

Three characteristics that describe you

  1. Focused
  2. Driven
  3. Risk taker

Three greatest passions

  1. Designing
  2. Acting
  3. Director of movies and music videos

Favorite book

No favorite book.

Favorite cause

I have several but PACI (Persian American Cancer Institiute) is one of them.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

Alexander McQueen, I really admire his work!


Interview by Myriam Bouaziz
Edited by Valerie Enriquez

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August 14th, 2007, 14:24:09

Nice , i love Babaks clothes. i was introduced to his clothes through myspace.com and it was interesting that so many celebrities wear his stuff at award shows even before his name blew up. im an artist and i wear his stuff at all my shows and interviews because his designs have this unique street swagger while keeping it classy, and i dont see that in any of the other played out clothes at boutiques and malls. anyways, that was my 2 cents.

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