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Sanaz Shirazi, Designer

Fashion Fur Designer Sanaz Shirazi

As a child, Sanaz Shirazi used to make clothing for Barbie dolls. Today, she designs clothing for human beings. After researching the market, she and her sister Tanaz decided to focus on fur, and together they founded Sanaz Shirazi Collection, which sells Sanaz’s fur designs. Many of the items in the collection were inspired by a coat Sanaz’s mother had in the ’70s, which gives the items a vintage feel. The styles have also been influenced by Sanaz’s cultural upbringing in Iran, India, Norway, and Britain. The gilets (vests), jackets, and hats are made from sheep and rabbit fur, and for Sanaz it has been important to use fur from animals whose meat is being used in food production. Together with her sister, she is living out her dream of having her own clothing line. To learn more about Sanaz and her creations, you’ll have to check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Bobby Earles, CEO

Skin & Hair Is Where He Cares: CEO Bobby Earles

The majority of skin and hair care products are created for the general market, but Bobby Earles’s company sells products specifically designed for the unique dermatological needs of Black consumers. His company, Dr. Earles, manufactures a line of skin and hair care products that includes acne wash, dandruff shampoo, conditioner, hydrating cream, and razor bump treatment. These personal care products were all developed by Bobby’s father, dermatologist R. Martin Earles, M.D., with the unique dermatological needs of Black customers specifically kept in mind. Bobby, 28, manages the entire company as CEO, working to get Dr. Earles products distributed in as many markets as possible in an effort to turn Dr. Earles into a household name. To learn more about Bobby and what he’s doing to meet the unique skin and hair care needs of Black consumers, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Dameion Royes
President and CEO

Dameion Royes Wears Fedora Flavor

You thought your look epitomized cool, but you knew there was something missing – that sleeker line, the sharper hue, the overall desire for fashion savoir-faire. Worry no longer dear readers, we’ve found the right person to help you boost that extra edge of urban sophistication and refined confidence. Dameion Royes, President and CEO of Big It Up International, tells us that while his company offers “Fine Fedora Flavors,” you’ll be able to make the ultimate statement in any surrounding from South Beach to Seattle to San Antonio. Dameion, age 34, says that in addition to hats, Big It Up products include an array of other accessories and sell out of 150 stores (including to Hollywood celebs); his next venture, believe it or not, will be within the Japanese market! With his mind on business and his heart in fashion, he’s sure to produce an even more vibrant collection for all your hat needs in the years to come. Learn more in this week’s Young & Professional Profile about Dameion’s vision for Big It Up International and where your fine fedora will be able to take you.

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Shu Lindsey, Co-Founder
Chief Marketing Officer

Pen and Earring Entrepreneur Shu Lindsey

Shu Lindsey’s entry into the world of business started with $3,000, two friends, and one big idea. As a student at Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley, she became infected with the region’s entrepreneurial spirit, and during her senior year she and her two friends each pitched in $3,000 to start PCOW.- a mother corporation of small businesses. The name was inspired by Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, which advises businesses to be remarkable in the same way a purple cow stands out from the herd. And standing out with unique microenterprises is definitely something PCOW is doing. One of the businesses that it has established is JetPens.com, currently the online retail leader in selling importehttps://www.theculturalconnect.com/files/new/category/d pens and stationery from asia. the other microenterprise is miralieu.com, an e-shop that sells stylish non-pierced earrings. in this week’s young & Professional Profile, learn more about Shu Lindsey and the unique businesses that PCOW has launched.

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Lubna Khalid, Founder

Real Cosmetics Company CEO Lubna Khalid

In today’s world, beauty is often narrowly defined. Women who can’t relate to the celebrated ideals found in popular culture can feel isolated and alienated. That’s where Lubna Khalid comes in. When she grew frustrated by the lack of cosmetics for her skin tone and the limited range of beauty images in the world, she founded Real Cosmetics. The company aims to transcend race, face, and place by offering beauty products to women of all ethnicities. It also seeks to expand and diversify the standards of ideal beauty. As CEO, Lubna has managed everything from marketing to product development to customer relations. The line of products has sold into boutiques, salons, spas, and places such as Nordstrom and Sephora. In this week’s Young & Professional profile, learn more about how Lubna Khalid is helping women enhance their appearance and self-esteem through all-inclusive cosmetics and a new view of ideal beauty.

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