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CNN’s Young People Who Rock Blog

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Young PeopleFor nearly two years now, The CulturalConnect has been inspiring the young, the driven, and the forward-thinking with profiles of young entrepreneurs and other professionals in the business, arts, and nonprofit sectors. Now the cable news TV station CNN has launched its own blog, Young People Who Rock, that profiles an inspiring young professional each week. I encourage you to visit the site and check out the young people on it who, frankly, rock.

So what differentiates the two blogs and makes each unique in its own way? Well, here’s a summary:

Cultural niche. The CulturalConnect links young people to others in their own cultural, ethnic, and/or immigrant communities—people who may share similar challenges, backgrounds, outlooks, and business, charitable, or artistic interests.

Video. Young People Who Rock has a live video interview each Friday on CNN Pipeline. Alas, The CulturalConnect doesn’t yet have that capability.

ConnectionPoint. At the end of each CulturalConnect interview, we offer a ConnectionPoint service that lets readers send an e-mail to profilees to ask questions, offer kudos, and just plain network. As most young professionals eventually find out, achieving one’s goals requires reaching out and expanding one’s network of contacts.

Interview format. The CulturalConnect’s Web site features interviews in which profilees answer questions about themselves and their business, nonprofit organization, or artistic career. The Young People Who Rock blog has short descriptions—about three paragraphs long—of its profilees. I don’t have access to the CNN Pipeline video stream, but I presume the interviews on it go into greater depth on the profilees than the corresponding blog entries do.



June 24th, 2007, 12:31:58
Rajesh Shakya

You guys are doing great!
I am regular reader of your blog and other sections, and its great. It encourages rest of the aspirants.

Rajesh Shakya
Helping technopreneurs to excel and lead their life!

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