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Chioma Isiadinso, CEO

Getting You Into Your Dream School: Chioma Isiadinso

Gaining admission into an elite MBA program or top-ranked college is a highly competitive process. Differentiating oneself to stand out from all the applicants is no easy feat. That’s where the services of Expartus, an admissions consulting company headed by CEO Chioma Isiadinso, can give a prospective student that winning edge. Chioma, 36, Co-Founded Expartus after working for Harvard Business School’s MBA admissions board. Her company uses personal branding to help clients market themselves effectively to their most desired programs. Admissions advisors and brand strategists provide personalized services, helping each client with the unique challenges and concerns he or she faces. In addition to providing individual consulting services, Expartus also conducts seminars and workshops, including its new “Brand Your Way to an MBA” workshop. To learn more about how Chioma and Expartus are helping students get into their dream schools, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Mark Sithi

DJ-Emcee Entrepreneur & Financial Healthcare Consultant Mark Sithi

At a wedding reception, having the right music can make or break whether the newlyweds and their guests have fun or not. With that fact in mind, DJ and emcee Mark Sithi, 24, works to make all his clients’ weddings ones to remember with just the right music. Mark started out as a part-time DJ back in his high school days, and today he continues that work alongside his full-time gig as a senior associate with the financial health care consulting firm Triage Consulting Group. At Triage, Mark not only assists hospitals in recovering the money that insurance companies owe them, but he also is involved with the firm’s Corporate Responsibility Leadership team, which tasks him with organizing volunteer activities at an area elementary school. The volunteering doesn’t stop there, though. Mark also lends his time to the Oakland Asian Students Educational Services Cal Alumni Club and the Haas Alumni Network. To learn more about this young man who loves DJing and volunteering, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile .

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Tammee Thompson
President, GE Security-Asia

Making the World Safer: Tammee Thompson

Tammee Thompson has a very important job: She helps keep the world safe. As President of the Asia division of GE Security, Tammee, 37, leads teams that develop products used in explosives and narcotics detection, video surveillance, fire detection, intrusion control, and much more. Currently, she’s working to expand GE Security’s presence in Asia, which means she has to develop products uniquely adapted to the local environment in each country, whether it’s Japan, India, or Australia. One day Tammee might be cultivating relationships with customers, and the next she might be leading a team of her colleagues. The aim is to create products that protect people and property in fields such as aviation, law enforcement, and banking. Learn more about this inspiring leader in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Devi Vallabhaneni, President & CEO

Turning Management into a Profession: Devi Vallabhaneni

Lawyers take the bar exam. Physicians take the board exam. Accountants take the CPA exam. Devi Vallabhaneni is working to get business managers to take the Certified Business Manager (CBM) exam. As President and CEO of the Association of Professionals in Business Management (APBM), Devi, 37, is trying to make business management a profession, with its own certification, code of ethics, and continuing education requirements. APBM designed the CBM credential, a master’s-level certification based on an MBA curriculum. It consists of a four-part, 16-hour exam that measures mastery of business management knowledge and skills. It can be taken during, after, or in lieu of an MBA. In a world with great variability in the education provided by MBA programs, a CBM certification lets employers know that a person has acquired a standard knowledge base and set of management skills, as measured by an independent organization. Check out what Devi is doing to turn business management into a profession with this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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Carolyn Lai, Marketing Manager

Taking the Cake: Marketing Manager Carolyn Lai

Carolyn Lai, 25, works as the marketing manager of a cake company, but it isn’t any ordinary cake company. Satura Cakes makes cakes Japanese style. That means that instead of having the overly sweet taste of mass-produced American cakes, Japanese-style Satura cakes boast the tremendous flavors of ingredients other than sugar. High-quality fruits, nuts, chocolate, and other ingredients are the highlights when it comes to taste, while sugar takes a supporting role. Carolyn’s role in the company, which has two stores in California’s Silicon Valley and two in Hawaii, is to manage all marketing projects, including branding, store promotions, advertising, and merchandising. The first store opened in January 2006 and was an instant success. The company has received plentiful interest from venture capitalists, and it plans to open about 50 stores across the United States over the next five years. To learn more about Carolyn Lai and how she found her own delectable slice of sweet success in the world of Japanese-style cakes, check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Surya Yalamanchili
Brand Manager & Reality TV Star

Life After ‘The Apprentice’-ship: Surya Yalamanchili

Few people can say that getting fired is one of the highlights of their life. Yet for former “Apprentice” star Surya Yalamanchili, getting personally fired by Donald Trump on national TV has been a peak moment of his life. Well known for the passion, energy, and business acumen he displayed on the hit NBC reality TV show, Surya, 25, has been a fireball of a businessman since he was 15, when he started his own Internet company. Since then, he has catapulted himself into the big leagues. Last year he became one of the youngest brand managers ever at Procter & Gamble. With his sheer exuberance and love for tackling business problems, Surya is poised to take on the world, and Donald Trump’s “You’re fired!” only fuels him to go even higher. Learn about what went on behind the scenes in The Apprentice and what Surya’s exciting plans are post-firing as we feature him in this week’s Young & Professional profile.

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