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Super Hero Entrepreneurs in Education

Karan Goel, 23, CEO & Co-Founder and Avichal Garg, 24, also a Co-Founder are putting a very important spin on preparatory education in the US. These bright young entrepreneurs have found innovative ways to bridge technology and SAT preparation (among others) all while making it fun and worthwhile through their company PrepMe.com. These Stanford and University of Chicago grads, already armed with their master degrees, are making their marks in preparatory education and business. You may recognize them as they have already been featured in…

A Nation of Narcissists
Non-Profit Spotlight
Udai: Impressive Student Initiative Towards a Better India
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1 Number of states whose minimum wage rates are lower than the Federal rate, of $5.15. Kansas’ rate is $2.65.

U.S. Department of Labor

A Nation of Narcissists
A recent study by five psychologists found that today’s college students are more narcissistic and self-centered than those a quarter century ago. The psychologists analyzed responses from 16,475 college students who took the Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI)–a “quiz” that asks questions similar to the ones at the beginning of this piece. In 2006, two thirds of college students scored above…

Udai: Impressive Student Initiative Towards a Better India
We often put the spotlight on one particular individual within a non-profit organization in our Non-Profit section of our magazine. This week we decided to put the spotlight on the tremendous work an organization does as a whole. Udai, founded in 2005, is a completely student based program aimed at raising awareness and making positive impacts on pressing social issues in India…

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April 19

The Greenlining Institute’s 14th Annual Economic Summit
when 9:00 pm (PST); 1 Day
where Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, CA
price $50
details view | go to website

The Greenlining Institute’s 14th Annual Economic Summiit is an event that brings together California’s and the Nation’s leading public policy and private sector experts to discuss the issues of utmost importance for underserved communities.

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