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Avanti Sharma, Founder/President/CEO

Aiming to Prevent HIV/AIDS: The Anokhi Foundation

HIV/AIDS has affected numerous people in many parts of India, and Avanti Sharma wanted to do something to prevent the disease’s further spread. So Avanti, 25, decided to found the Anokhi Foundation. The recently created, volunteer-run, nonprofit organization aims to prevent HIV/AIDS through education, advocacy, and community support. Anokhi, which means “unique” in Hindi, is in the process of setting up its initiatives in India. The organization hopes to provide prevention education for at-risk populations, as well as assist HIV-infected individuals in accessing available health services. The Anokhi Foundation is preparing for its first fundraising event, and its volunteers are looking forward to making their first trip to India. To learn more about this growing organization and how you can help it establish initiatives on the subcontinent, check out this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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Mostafa Aghrib, Director, Morocco

Children of Abraham: Global Interfaith Connectors

What first started out as a photojournalism project by two high school students documenting the stark similarities between Judaism and Islam has now evolved into a successful global non-profit that fosters important dialogues between Muslim and Jewish youth via the Internet. Mostafa Aghrib, 32, Director of Children of Abraham in Morocco, tells us that 160 students from 43 countries have graduated from its online program and have gone on to provide important interfaith awareness and connections. Learn more about Children of Abraham, its online program and how to get involved as we feature it in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight

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