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Zachary Morad, CEO

Bridging People Through Music: Zachary Morad and yallatunes.com

Zackary Morad is the Founder and CEO of yallatunes.com LLC, an Arabic music video web site that’s making heads turn. The site uses a player that won an EMMY in innovation and engineering for video on demand in 2006. Obtaining the rights to the player was a big accomplishment for Zachary and there are definitely many more are in store. Currently Zackary is working to launch the website and bring Arabic music and culture to people across the globe. Yallatunes.com is unique because it brings a social networking component to a site that serves as a source of music and videos. Zackary’s vision for the site is that it will bridge cultural differences through music. He believes “music is a message of love and understanding,” and he believes yallatunes.com can spread this message. To find out more about Zackary Morad or to read more about his innovative venture, yallatunes.com, read on in this week’s MidEastConnect.

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Rima Abdelkader, Journalist

Young Journalist & Non-Profit Advocate Rima Abdelkader

Have you ever complained about not having enough hours in the day? Well, 23-year-old Rima Abdelkader would put you to shame. Not only does she work as a print and television Journalist, she also dedicates her time to over a half a dozen non-profit organizations. This native New Yorker spent two years in Jerusalem during the Persian Gulf War, an experience that has undoubtedly impacted her adult life. Her motto, “it is our responsibility to help ourselves as well as others,” is not just something she says, she lives it. One of the many non-profits she gives her time to is the Selective Corporate Internship Program (SCIP), a program she participated in as a high school student. It gives talented students from public high schools the opportunity to gain skills to succeed in the business world. Her responsibility to others is what sets her apart. If you want to learn more about the many Middle Eastern non-profits Rima participates in, or if you just want to be inspired, read on.

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Brahm Ahmadi, Executive Director

Making Healthy Food Accessible: Brahm Ahmadi and the People’s Grocery Inc.

Brahm Ahmadi, 32, is the Founder and Executive Director of the remarkable and innovative People’s Grocery, Inc. It’s a community-based nonprofit organization that works to improve the health and economy of the West Oakland community through the local food system. In order to successfully accomplish their mission, People’s Grocery Inc. has launched several unique programs including the Mobile Market, a truck converted into a traveling food store that sells healthy foods at affordable prices to West Oakland residents. They are also looking to open a for-profit, worker owned, grocery store in order to help fund their project and make themselves financially solvent. Brahm’s belief, as well as the organization’s, is for the right of all people to have access to healthy food is what makes People’s Grocery Inc. unique. If you have a passion for progress or just want to learn more about the organization, read on in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

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Sanaz Shirazi, Designer

Fashion Fur Designer Sanaz Shirazi

As a child, Sanaz Shirazi used to make clothing for Barbie dolls. Today, she designs clothing for human beings. After researching the market, she and her sister Tanaz decided to focus on fur, and together they founded Sanaz Shirazi Collection, which sells Sanaz’s fur designs. Many of the items in the collection were inspired by a coat Sanaz’s mother had in the ’70s, which gives the items a vintage feel. The styles have also been influenced by Sanaz’s cultural upbringing in Iran, India, Norway, and Britain. The gilets (vests), jackets, and hats are made from sheep and rabbit fur, and for Sanaz it has been important to use fur from animals whose meat is being used in food production. Together with her sister, she is living out her dream of having her own clothing line. To learn more about Sanaz and her creations, you’ll have to check out this week’s Young & Professional Profile.

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Layla Kaiksow, Project Manager

Beyond Aid: Layla Kaiksow Pushing Economic Growth for Palestine

Layla Kaiksow, 25, has a vision for Palestine, and it does not involve humanitarian aid. Instead, she is focused on its economic growth. In 2004 she started work as the Project Manager for the Palestine Fair Trade Association. This organization’s purpose was to bring the delicious and famous olive oil of Palestine to nations around the world by connecting local farmers with international markets. This project eventually expanded to olive oil soap, hand-made baskets, and other crafts. Layla is currently in charge of fundraising and public relations for the SOS Children’s Village-Bethlehem. One of the largest milestones in this project was the building of a playground for the children at SOS. Although Layla continues to lend support to all the projects she has created, she is always finding new ways to help. Currently she has a vision to support the growth of small to medium businesses in Palestine, with an emphasis on job creation and youth employment. Learn more about Layla and her dedication to the economic growth in Palestine as we feature her in this week’s Non-Profit Spotlight.

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Factoid of the Week: Generation Y @ Work

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Are young professionals influential in the workplace? Yes, absolutely. If you were to ask this same question a decade ago, the answer would be quite the opposite. We’re responsible for changing traditional methods of communication (think IM, text messaging, emails at odd hours), we’re bolder and more demanding than previous generations and as a population we have a ‘smarter than thou’ presence (this of course attributed to being immersed in technology since birth). More importantly, we’re adaptable to the changing times. Let’s take a closer look at the stats and psychographics around Gen Y @ work, shall we?
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