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Featured: Asian Flavored Tees at MuckitTees.com

Item published on Nov 23rd, 2007 | Comment | Trackback | Categories »
Our featured advertiser this week is Muckittees.com, your destination to find t-shirts that express yourself. The goal of Muckittees.com is to make you laugh, all while wearing a shirt that will definitely catch the eyes of others.

Check out the variety of tees and descriptions on its site and who knows you may possibly find yourself buying a shirt for yourself or even 10 for your closest friends, family or co-workers! Afterall, the holidays are fast-approaching us…



December 11th, 2007, 23:07:51
S Anwar Ahmed

Dear entrepreneur,

I have gone through your web site http://www.spicedtee.com/ directed from www.thecultureconnect.com . Needless to mention that it is a brilliant idea to sell “desi flavoured” tees online. However I have a few queries rolling in my mind.

1. You seem to have very limited number of designs available as of now, it seems to me (and I assume) that you do not seem to have any personnel qualified (with a degree in fashion) to make new designs (you may as well take this as a suggestion). The intent to collect designs from the visitors themselves seems to be a good idea for developing a readership to the site (had it been a brand in itself) but creativity / business wise, do you think it is a sustainable idea?

2. The price of the product is exorbitantly high (did I mention that I am from India?) as per Indian standards, as I am unaware of the prices of affordable clothing is US, I wish to know if it is too pricey a tag for an average college student in USA?

3. The process of taking the order from your website to packaging, what is it? I mean to ask, do you own the t shirt printing machines (I assume not)? or do you give the design for printing to a third party? And include the cost, your profit and shipping charges to the price tag? If it is so, what percentage of printing cost are you adding as the profit?

I would be extremely glad to know these details, also do add more as I intend to start such a thing as yours in my own country…

Thanks and Regards,
S Anwar Ahmed

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