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New Opportunities at The CulturalConnect!

Item published on Sep 28th, 2007 | Comment | Trackback | Categories »
We’re looking for people to scope out the hottest young talent in the professional and non-profit world. We’re seeking smart people to identify and get in touch with young professionals breaking age barriers in their company, starting their own companies or non-profit organizations, doing the corporate thing by day and moonlighting as something totally different at night or those young professionals that channel their passions towards interesting non-profit ventures.

This is a work whenever you want wherever you want – at home, at a party, at a coffee shop, mall, barber – part-time type of opportunity.

This is an amazing opportunity to further expand your network with the future leaders of our generation and contribute to a positive publication dedicated to young, driven and forward thinking young adults.

For other positions at The CulturalConnect, check out our Opportunities page.

If you’re interested in joining The CulturalConnect staff or would like to ask us questions then send an email to .


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