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Sohail Dahdal, New Media Artist

Palo Dutch Concept Factory: Sohail Dahdal

Sohail Dahdal wants to draw more attention to the plight of the Palestinians, but doing so requires winning over some tough audiences. That’s where the Palo-Dutch Concept Factory comes in. The organization holds idea-generating workshops in Ramallah. During the three-day workshops, creative-thinking Palestinians get together with Dutch advertising and public-relations specialists, and the two groups work together to develop campaign ideas that highlight the situation of the Palestinians. One of these ideas, for example, is “Send a Friend.” Most Palestinian children can’t travel outside the occupied territories, so children in the Netherlands, using Web cameras, will act as tour guides, taking Palestinian children on tours in real time to see places such as the canals of Amsterdam. Eventually, the project will make people in other countries question why Palestinians can’t move freely. Through innovative ideas such as this one, Sohail, 37, hopes to use his skills as a New Media Artist to highlight the plight of the Palestinians. To learn more about Sohail and the Palo-Dutch Concept Factory, check out this week’s Nonprofit Spotlight.

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photo: Emily Rosenberg

Interfaith Peace-Builders: Changemakers Working to Bring Peace to Israel and Palestine

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