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Brass Magazine November 2007

If you don’t already know media maven Sumaya Kazi, give her time. You will. In just two years, the 25-year-old Executive Director and Founder of The CulturalConnect, a website that publishes five online magazines, has started a viral chain of meaningful connections in over 100 countries.

Creating a Culture of Connections


Build Your Own Business November 21, 2007

The small business owners in the United States are world class entrepreneurs. Always thinking – always on their feet. CNN Money and BusinessWeek give some of the best samplings of the stratosphere for entrepreneurs in the U.S.

10 Smokin’ Hot Business Startups


BusinessWeek Magazine October 22, 2007

What happened to our 25 finalists from last year’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25 roundup? We reached out and heard back from all but one of them. Growth is the consistent theme, and highlights range from landing partnerships and securing rounds of venture capital funding, to fending off job offers from Wall Street hedge funds and other businesses.

The Best Entrepreneurs Class of ’06 Today


Newsweek Magazine July 21, 2007

Sumaya Kazi, 25, was born in Los Angeles to Bangladeshi-American Muslim parents. She lives near Berkeley now, working as global communications manager for Sun Microsystems. Last year, she founded TheCulturalConnect.com, a networking site for young professionals.

American Dreamers


CNN July 9, 2007

Anchor Nicole Lapin recognizes Executive Director Sumaya Kazi as a ‘Young Person Who Rocks’ in her weekly series about individuals under 30 doing remarkable things.

CNN Article: Young People Who Rock CNN’s TV Interview with Sumaya Kazi   Nirali Magazine Blog
CulturalConnect’s Sumaya Kazi on CNN


Center Network June 6, 2007

CenterNetworks asks The CulturalConnect’s Executive Director to share her Startup Tips with its readers during Startup Tips month.

Startup Tips Day 6: Sumaya Kazi from TheCulturalConnect.com


Invincibelle June 5, 2007

“Network like crazy from the very beginning. I didn’t realize at the time of our launch that our website and set of magazines were going to turn into an international platform for young professional networking.”

Distinguished Invincibelle: Sumaya Kazi from TheCulturalConnect.com


Alumwire May 7, 2007

Alumwire, an interactive career network for college students and young alumni, invites co-founders Sumaya Kazi and Raymond Rouf to share their experiences as young entrepreneurs.

Connecting Culturally


Continental Magazine April 2007

Twenty-four-year-old Sumaya Kazi was named one of BusinessWeek’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 25 for co-founding the CulturalConnect, an online media publisher that includes four online magazines for young ethnic professionals: The DesiConnect, The MidEastConnect, The AsiaConnect, and The LatinConnect.

Idea Makers


Book: Getting from College to Career March 2007

The CulturalConnect publishes weekly e-magazines for the modern day young professional interested in being inspired by other extraordinary professionals within their cultural community and becoming more aware of non-profit organizations making strides towards progress.

Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World


India Currents February 19, 2007

The CulturalConnect is a new watering hole for young South Asians in search of something beyond an online social venue…Professional motivation and mentoring apart, the CulturalConnect also showcases the silent do-gooders in the nonprofit world. “There is an unfortunate gap between young professionals actively participating in the non profit world,” laments Kazi. The CulturalConnect is actively trying to bridge that gap.

Peer-to-Peer Connections” (Archived here: pages one, two)


Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal February 2, 2007

“It pains me that we don’t see our peers contributing,” she says. “I’m driven to talk about needs outside the ‘young professional bubble.'”…

Dynamic super connector


IndUS Business Journal February 1, 2007

Aside from the cultural networking component of The CulturalConnect, Kazi said what drove her in launching the e-magazines was the opportunity to get out stories about successful young professionals, which she feels just aren’t covered enough by traditional media…

The CulturalConnect resonates with young professionals


Siliconeer February 2007

The popular destination for young professionals worldwide, TheCulturalConnect.com, was recently named a finalist in the Best New Company of the Year category in the third annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business, according to a press release.

Young Entrepreneur” (Archived here)


The Michigan Daily January 29, 2007

He said it is important to try to think of something original. Even though South Asian-Americans are often told to study engineering or medicine, the choice should be their own, Rouf said. “Don’t be scared to do something that hasn’t been done before,” he said…

Gandhi’s grandson: Bring conscience back


The San Francisco Examiner December 15, 2006

“The crux of our site is connecting people,” Kazi said. “We are not a social networking site and we are not traditional media. We are a combination of the two”…

Sumaya Kazi: An online world for young, ethnic professionals


India Tribune December 2, 2006

The CulturalConnect has been applauded and recognized for their unique approach to e-media, social entrepreneurial heart and contemporary business model, which employs remote workers all under 30 who are full-time students and business professionals by day.…

BusinessWeek recognizes young entrepreneur Sumaya Kazi


Nirali Magazine November 1, 2006

In just a year, The CulturalConnect has surpassed 5 million hits, spawned a staff of 30 and expanded to include four more online magazines: The MidEastConnect, The LatinConnect, The AsiaConnect, and starting in early 2007, The AfricanaConnect…

Creating Community


BusinessWeek October 30, 2006

Sumaya Kazi, founder of The CulturalConnect, is recognized as one of America’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 25 – the only solo woman featured in the US, Europe and Asia BusinessWeek Top Entrepreneur rankings.

Article: Young, Fearless, and Smart Slideshow: America’s Top Entrepreneurs Under 25   Sepia Mutiny Blog
Connecting Desis Everywhere


Voice of America August 10, 2006

Even though Kazi and her co-founders live in different cities across the country, they are right next door in the virtual world of the Internet. Rouf says they are always online instant messaging or sending e-mails.…

Web Magazines ‘Connect’ Young Minorities Special English (July 26, 2006)
Four Internet Magazines Connect Young Professionals Near and Far
  MND The Epoch Times China Daily


BusinessWeek July 26, 2006

BusinessWeek recognizes Executive Director of The CulturalConnect, Sumaya Kazi, as a ‘Master of Multitasking’. “This Berkeley grad works for Sun Microsystems by day, and moonlights as the founder of an online media company for young professionals…”

A Master of Multitasking


Washington Post Article Published in Various News Outlets July 19-26, 2006

It’s important that we know about these people so we feel like we can do the same. It’s not only doctors and lawyers out there…

CulturalConnect connects youths of color
South Bend Tribune
Ethnic youths get help online defying career stereotypes
The Longview Daily News
Ethnic youth defy career stereotypes with online help
Deleware Online News Journal (Archived here: pages one, two, three)
“Web peers help youths overcome stereotypes”
AM New York (Archived here)
“Eliminating Stereotypes”
Winston-Salem Journal
Connecting: Volunteers work toward better cultural knowledge


The Washington Post July 18, 2006

CulturalConnect builds on the idea that the definition of success isn’t the same for everyone, said Eduardo Gonzalez, an assistant professor of mathematics at Rutgers University…

Ethnic Youths Find Career Break Online


Winner of the American Association of Webmasters Gold Award July 17, 2006

The AAWA awarded TheCulturalConnect.com with its highest form of recognition. The Gold Award is only received by those websites that have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity.

American Association of Webmasters


The Christian Science Monitor April 6, 2006

…it’s filling a void for young professionals eager to hear about one another’s work. It also puts readers in touch with nonprofit groups that can always use energetic people who want to help.

A place for young achievers to connect   CBS News Online Arizona Daily Star


Wiretap | AlterNet March 6, 2006

Last fall a new weekly e-magazine hit the scene, The DesiConnect. By profiling a nonprofit and a young professional in the Desi community each week, they are networking the youth community with people and do-gooders all over the country.

Desi Power Online

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