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Jill-Michele Melean
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Jill-Michele Meleán

If you’re looking for that I can barely breathe and my sides hurt and I just snorted like great aunt Thelma kind of humor, then look no further. We’d like to introduce you to Jill-Michele Meleán, 20-something, comedienne and TV personality. She was the first Latina Cast Member of Fox’s MADtv, and has a professional repertoire will “wow” you. Off camera, but still on stage, Meleán has also toured with multiple stand-up festivals, and says all that’s left is to enjoy the simple things in life…like winning an Oscar. We don’t usually come across many Latinas in the comedy world, so now that we have a rising star among us, remember her name and where you heard about her first. Read all about Jill-Michele Meleán, where she came from and her destiny of endless possibilities in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.




Jill-Michele Melean, 20s


Miami, Florida

Current residence

Los Angeles, California


University of South Florida

Work experience

Actress/Comic, First Latina Cast Member of Fox’s ‘MADtv’, recurring on Comedy Central’s “Reno 911” and the host of Sitv’s “Inside Joke”.


Irish and Bolivian

What’s your background?

I was raised in Miami, Fl. so I’m Cuban by association. My Mom, even though she’s Irish decent grew up there as well so she has a Latina attitude. Dad is very Latin and traditional from Cochabamba, Bolivia. No, he can’t get you cocaine.

What are your responsibilities?

Waking up, going on auditions, writing jokes then telling jokes at night on stage. My responsibility is to let people escape from their 9 to 5 and laugh.

Most notable achievements

I think one of the biggest achievements for me was moving across the United States from my family to pursue my dream. That is not common in a Latin home. I didn’t do it the traditional way. I’m not married and I have a career in an extremely male dominated profession.

What’s your niche?

This is not supposed to come off arrogant in any way…but being a funny, pretty, female comedienne is rare.

What’s in store for the future?

The future is full of endless possibilities. I’ve found myself diving into producing but I’ll never stop performing. I will work hard or die trying to be the first female comic that has crossed over to a Robin Williams, Jim Carrey “Oscar” status. I love what I do. Comedy is a way I deal with pain so serious roles are easy for me. Actors that go from drama to comedy have a tough time because comedy is not a learned trait. You got it or you don’t.

Unexpected learnings along the way

I’ve had many. There are many ups and downs in Hollywood. One minute you don’t have a job and the next minute you’re on the cover of every magazine shopping for your dream home. What people don’t realize is that it can be taken away just as quick as you received it. You have to constantly micro-manage yourself and career.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

want to work with people that love what they do. No backstabbers or fakes! It does exist, believe me. I’ve worked on a couple of TV shows that everyone was so appreciative of each other and grateful. That job was the best and I looked forward to it every day. It also makes the creativity flow just flow and flow.

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Guiding principle in life

I meditate every day through my prayers. Catholic by family but turned Buddhist by growth. I set goals and know that ultimately it’s my responsibility to achieve them.

Yardstick of success

Everyone’s yardstick of success is different. Sometimes my success of the day is setting time out for myself, taking a walk and enjoying nature. Somehow doing things for myself inspires me to work harder. My yardstick is never ending. It’s huge!!!

Goal yet to be achieved

Like I said, I will die working toward that “Oscar”. I love what I do.

Best practical advice

What is your marketability? Learn it, own it and sell it!

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

Latina reporter Lizzet introduced me to Buddhism and she said “you are responsible for your own”. It’s true. No matter how much success I achieve or how much money I make, I am responsible for my happiness.


It would have to be “Seinfield:. Here’s a man that is a genius. He had a hit TV show because he surrounded himself with brilliant people. He never tried to steal the spotlight, he knew his cast was hysterical and let them shine. As a result, the sitcom was of course one of the best sitcoms ever on television. Let it ride!

What motivates you for success?

“No” for me in business does not mean “no” it means “not right now”.

Like best about what you do

I love that I can make people laugh and have them escape from their routine day to day process.

Like least about what you do

The instability. Some months I may have a lot of shows booked and other months are lighter. I can book a Television pilot (which is a gruesome process) and then the show doesn’t get picked up or the show gets cancelled.

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An actress. I actually told my parents at three years old that I was going to be on “Saturday Night Live” and I’m going to win an Oscar. Well I was a cast member of “MadTV” (pretty close) and now on my way to my next declaration.

Biggest pastime outside of work

I’ve studied Martial Arts for years. I love it!

What was your first job?

My first real job was in high school. I worked at Chuck E Cheese in Miami. I’d give all the kids free things and the managers would get so mad at me.

Favorite Cause

Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Person most interested in meeting and why?

Love, love, love to meet Pink. I hear she’s my neighbor. I really think we would end up being best friends. I don’t like fake people and she’s genuine. I like people that know who they are.

Leader in business most interested in meeting and why?

Number one on my list is Oprah. Now there is a powerful lady. I would love to shadow that Diva. Any human being that can go from the projects to billionaire status without being a hooker is amazing. Especially because she’s a lady and a minority! Talk about inspiration!

Three interesting facts about yourself

1. My favorite thing to do is watch American Idol in my pajamas with my boyfriend and eat frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles.
2. I love to work out. I’ll never be anorexic because being fit and lifting weights gives me a rush.
3. I don’t do drugs and I still act like I’m on crack.

Three characteristics that describe you

Unpredictable, Trusting, I think like a guy.

Three Greatest Passions

Love, Family, Making Movies (not porn)

Favorite book


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