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Jeanette Fernandez, Founder

Jeanette Fernandez

You’re reading The LatinConnect, you’re young, you’re talented, and you’re looking to learn a little something more about professionals like yourself with charisma, motivation, and style…modesty too, of course. Good timing, because this week we introduce you to Jeanette Bustamante Fernandez, Editor-In-Charge of VidaGirl.com, a Latina-centered website/newsletter featuring politics, career advice, fashion trends, entertainment, and so much more. With her hands full and her time limited, Jeanette has also found herself building a radio career as Music Director of LifeBites Radio and Senior Manager of Radio Affiliations for The Box Music Network. Her professional demands may seem daunting, but with a growing fan base countrywide there’s no stopping Jeanette from keeping the momentum going. Learn more about VidaGirl.com and Jeanette Bustamante Fernandez’s burgeoning career in this week’s The Latin Connect.


VidaGIRL Magazine




Jeanette Bustamante Fernandez, Founder/Editor-in-Charge


San Antonio, Texas

Current residence

Los Angeles, California


Texas State University, BA in Journalism

Work experience

Freelance writer, Music Director of LifeBites Radio, Senior Manager of Radio Affiliations for The Box Music Network


Spanish & Mexican-American

About company

VidaGIRL.com is a hip and informative English-language online magazine that celebrates the life, culture, style and spirit of today’s young, trend-setting Latinas. We feature exclusive interviews with some of today’s brightest Latin movie, television and music stars, the latest trends in style and d├ęcor, along with health, education and political topics important to the Latin community. VidaGIRL has created an online community with content that breaks down stereotypes and conveys a positive and inspiring message to its readers.

What are your responsibilities?

As Founder and Editor-In-Charge, I am responsible for developing content and overseeing the stories for each issue, setting up deadlines, working with our writers, as well as working with promotional and advertising partners.

Most notable achievements

We’ve had some wonderful achievements at VidaGIRL, including the recent launch of our original clothing and stationery line. We also just introduced the first in a series of ongoing columns from bestselling author Mary Castillo, called “Workin’ It”, a humorous yet educational how-to for young women entering the workforce. We’re very excited to have the extremely talented author write this exclusive column for us.

What makes you unique?

As the largest minority in the United States and the fastest growing and youngest online population overall, VidaGIRL is filling the niche for this eclectic reader.

What’s in store for the future?

We’re currently working on additional media projects we’re hoping to have in place over the next few months.

Unexpected learnings along the way

That you really never stop learning. With every person I meet or interview, I’m inspired all over again.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

I’d like to be contacted by anyone who’s interested in speaking with me or learning more about the magazine.

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Best way to stay ahead

Educate yourself and listen to ideas.

Guiding principle in life

Be open to any and all possibilities.

Yardstick of success

I’m not sure if there really is a yardstick. If you’re doing what you love to do then that’s a success.

Goal yet to be achieved

I’d like to have VidaGIRL become a true print publication in the near future.

Best practical advice

Try not to be a control freak with your business. Have fun with it.

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

“That’s a great idea!” LOL


My parents.

What motivated you to get started?

Our readers motivate me.

Like best about what you do

Coming up with story ideas for each issue.

I’m not sure if there really is a yardstick. If you’re doing what you love to do then that’s a success

Like least about what you do

Transcribing interviews. The worst!

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a writer.

Biggest pastime outside of work

I love to read and am big movie-goer.

What was your first job?

I worked at a retail store at a mall in San Antonio.

Person most interested in meeting and why?

Salma Hayek. Besides being very talented, she has a wonderful sense of who she is, seems to really go after what she wants, voices her opinion (which I love), is very active in the community and doesn’t allow her outer beauty to overshadow her true self.

Leader in business most interested in meeting and why?

Oprah Winfrey. Although she may not be considered a true “journalist” she does report on issues, events and people who affect us and is personal about her subjects.

Three interesting facts about yourself

I was the first girl in my family to attend and graduate from college, I’ve traveled to almost every major city in the United States and I moved to Los Angeles at the age of 24 without a job or money and am still here.

Three characteristics that describe you

Passionate, honest and open.

Three greatest passions

Writing, laughing and enjoying life.

Favorite book

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Favorite cause

The Latino Commission on AIDS

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