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Adrian and Jona Saint, Twins

Twin Mind-Readers and Businessmen Adrian and Jonathan Saint

Only 5 minutes apart in age, the twins Adrian and Jonathan Saint, 24, knew early on that as similar as they were to each other, they were both very different from everyone else. Strange occurances while they were young such as preventing their mom from going to work in Iran the day her workplace got bombed or asking to not go to school only to find out that their classmates were killed later in the day were just a couple of instances where their special gifts became evident. Little did they know at such a young age they would be harness their skills later in life to take on the business and entertainment world as Mind-Readers or what they are often called: “Twin Mentalists”. The Saint brothers have been featured on MTV and have performed for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Charlize Theron, Joey Fatone, among others. They offer a unique presentation in ESP, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, magic and other mind-numbing acts. Are you a bit skeptic? We thought you might be. That’s why this week’s interview with the Saint Brothers is a must read. Learn more about how they got started, how they transformed their gift into a business and what’s to come for these TwinMentalists as we feature them in this week’s Young & Professional profile.


SaintMysteries Productions


January 2003


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Adrian & Jonathan Saint, Twin Mentalists




Mission Viejo, California

Current residence

Mission Viejo, California


Adrian: B.A. Sociology-Organizational Studies & Communication, University of California, Davis.
Jonathan: B.A. Psychology, University of California, Riverside

Work Experience

We started our company part time while in college, performing as much as possible to pay for our college education. Since we both graduated, we have pursued our passion full time. We perform our shows mostly for colleges, corporate events and private events. We have performed for some big companies all around Southern and Northern California and have appeared on MTV.



What’s your story?

Adrian: We were born in Iran in 1982, during the Iran/Iraq war. As kids strange things happened to us. For example, we told our mom one day not to go to her work at the airport. We begged and cried for her not to go to. That day a terrorist came and killed over 30 people in the area where our mom worked.

Jonathan: Another time we told our mom we didn’t want to go to school one day because we felt something bad was going to happen. That day Saddam’s Army bombed our school and everyone died. Because of these two incidents, our mom takes us seriously when we tell her something to do or not to do.

Adrian: We learned early on that being twins we had a special bond. We would always be in the same classes, if one of us got sick, the other one would get sick, we would have the same friends, like the same girls, do the same things, be interested in the same sports and hobbies, etc.

When we were in our late teens, we meet our mentor, Tony MacLaren and he changed our lives! He was the one who suggested we use our twin connection and develop it into something fun and entertaining. So we started to read every book we could get our hands on in the areas of persuasion, psychology, magic, language, memory techniques, comedy, theatre, the human mind, twins, Intutition, and anything else we could find to develop the skills we present on stage.

By the time we entered college we had developed a act that we could perform part-time to pay for our college expenses. We performed together and sometimes, because of our locations we performed solo.

What do you do?

Now that we both graduated from college, we are focused on performing full-time. We provide extraordinary and unique entertainment solutions for corporate and private events. The main area of our work is for corporate events (meetings, award dinners, etc.) private events, and schools (college and some high schools). We have performed for hundreds of companies and events all around Southern and Nothern California, and have appeared on our own show on MTV documenting our lives as twins.

Jonathan: Our show which is called “TSP: Twin Sensory Perception” is a show unlike what most people have ever seen before. We play mind games with the audience and it is totally interactive. We read their thoughts, influence them, reveal personal thoughts and information about their lives that we possibly couldn’t know. In fact, after witnessing what we can do, it isn’t uncommon for some people to become really scared of us because they think we will embrass them by revealing personal and secret information they don’t want revealed.

Adrian: But what we do is for pure fun and entertainment, when you see our show we guarantee two things, and that is you will be amazed and astonished. We will make you feel a sense of child-like astonishment that we all had once as children but lose when we get older due to the demands of the world around us. We consider ourselves “Twin Mentalist/Mind-Readers.” Some people call us “Perceptionist” or “Thought-Readers” , “Psychic Entertainers” or even “Mystery Entertainers” but we are not magicians, in fact the majority of magicians don’t like what we do, which is fine because not everyone is going to like what you do, that is a fact of life. But what we do know is that WE LOVE WHAT WE DO! It is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Most notable milestones

Adrian & Jonathan: Well this is a hard one because there are so many, personally and professionally. Personally it is being alive and living in the United States. We know that we are really lucky to be in the United States because we have so much opportunity available to us that we wouldn’t have if we stayed in Iran. So we are really grateful for our parents bringing us to the United States and sacrificing so much so we could have a better life.

Professional, it is probably appearing on MTV and have our lives and talents documented for everyone all across the nation to see. We were selected from thousands and thousands of sets of twins because they were fascniated with what we could do and we had an interesting story. Another milestone is probably when I (Adrian) predicted the results of Super Bowl XL weeks before the game was played in my last year of college and recieved enomorous media and press coverage in my area, so much to the point that people thought I had special X-men powers, that was cool because I felt like a major celebrity and got a lot of attention from the ladies, HAHA!

What’s the niche?

Adrian: Our niche is that we are twins. People have always been intrigued and fascinated by twins and what they can do.

Jonathan: Also there are so few people in the world that can do what we do. Approximately, less then 1% of the world’s population can do what we can do, which is read people’s minds and know how to get into their heads. in numbers sense it is probably less then 1000 people worldwide who can do what my brother and I can do. What we do is an art, but it is a very secret art. It can be a dark art as well, if it is used in the wrong way. We have met or know the best people in our field, but when we tell people what we do, they are like “You do what?” because it isn’t something you see everyday.

Adrian: We have met a lot of twins, and they tell us that they too have this strange special connection that they can’t explain, but we haven’t met any twins who do what we do. Same with being persian, we are almost positive that there aren’t any other persians who do what we do, that in itself is unique. What we do is based on natural born ability and the other half is stuff we have learned throughout the years.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Adrian: Our biggest challenge is simply telling and explain people what we do. When we tell people what we do they are like “What, you guys do what? That is impossible.” So we have to always show people what it is we do, and sometimes when we do that they get really scared and don’t want to be around us.

Case in point is with girls. Our friends tell us we have the best tool to getting females, but what they don’t realize that it backfires a lot and once you read their mind they don’t want to be around you because they are scared you will get inside their head like a “mental rapist” and make then do things against their will. Or if it does work, then all they want us to do is perform and don’t want to take the time to know the other side of us. We do have normal lives outside of performing.

Jonathan: We look at ourselves as two ordinary guys who can do some extraordinary things. We don’t see ourselves as being better then anyone else really. So our biggest challenge is telling people what we do and marketing our show because people have never seen what a “Mind-Reader” can do.

Sometimes companies or people who hire us think we are supernatural or psychics with powers, but nothing we do is occult or supernatural and we have no special powers. We don’t talk to dead people! The only powers we have is the power of being twins and the power of knowlege.

What’s in store for the future?

Adrian: In the future, we would like to take our act international and perform all over the world. We would love to perform all over the US and world for celebrities, politicans, and people and show them the power of the human mind.

Jonathan: We would also love to get our own prime-time network TV special like David Blaine or David Copperfield. Our goal is basically to make as much money we can performing our show, help our family and friends, see a lot of cool places, and meet a lot of cool people. Also having our own show in Vegas wouldn’t be bad either.

Adrian: We want to inspire to people to use their minds to achieve whatever goal or desires they want. Impossible is only a state of mind, what the mind can think it can achieve and when we were kids people, especially our parents told us if we used our minds and really put our minds to something, we could do anything, and I guess we really listen and took that to heart.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

Adrian: We really like to meet people in general who are cool and have a passion for something. We would also love to meet people who are looking for unique entertainment or who use a lot of entertainment for their events, so they can book us.

Jonathan: We would also LOVE to meet agents, managers or event planners who would like to represent us and help market our show. That is probably the #1 thing we are looking for right now in our careers.

Adrian & Jonathan: We love to hear comments and/or suggestions from people. We get our best ideas from our audience and people at random. And if you are having a event and looking for entertainment, you can book us!

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Best way to keep a competitive edge

Adrian: With us being twins that in and of itself is one of the ways we can keep a competitve edge. In Showbiz, you have to focus more on the business part than the show part to make it big or make a lot of money. You also have to be different and unique and not copy everyone else. If you look at entertainment right now, if someone comes up with a great movie or show and it is a hit, all the other networks/studios rush right in and copy it. With us being twins, we are unique and different. We bring something different to the table. People have always been and will be interested in twins and what they can do. If someone wants to book our type of entertainment, they have to book us because there aren’t other people out there doing what we are doing.

Guiding principle in life

Adrian: Our guiding principle is to live our lives in a state of wonder and astonishment as if we were looking at the world through the eyes of a child. We love the story of Peter Pan because it resembles us and what we do. Doing what we do gives us an excuse not to really grow up.

Jonathan: Also Albert Einstein has two great quotes that guide us:

“The most beautiful thing you can experience in life is the mysterious. It is the true source behind all art and science.”

“The man who has lost his power of wonder is a dead man.”

Yardstick of success

Adrian & Jonathan: Other then having a stable financial and family life, I think Donald Trump said it best “You will never be successful if you really don’t love what you do.”

Goal yet to be achieved

Adrian & Jonathan: We want to travel the world, have our own prime-time TV special and play Vegas. Our main goal in what we do is to astonish and amaze people. Life is full of beauty and wonder, you just have to open up your eyes to see it.

Best practical advice

Adrian & Jonathan: The best advice we can give people is to love life. Life is too short to go around living it all pissed off and mad all the time. Do what you love, and treat people with kindness and respect. Never ever give up on your dreams!

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

Adrian: We are lucky that our parents are supportive in what we do. In the persian culture you sometimes have limited choices in what you can do with your life. You are expected to go to college and then become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, dentist or some type of business person. Our parents told us that if we go to college and get our degrees we can do whatever we want with our lives. We have other friends who are pursuing careers that they hate because their parents and/or friends expect them to do it.

Jonathan: Also our friend and collegue Gerry McCambridge. Gerry is by far one of the best, if not THE best mind-reader in the world. He is a great guy who has really inspired us. You can check him out at www.mentalist.com.

Mentor(s) and why?

Adrian & Jonathan: We have an amazing and crazy mentor named Tony MacLaren. There aren’t words in the english language to describe Tony. He is a genius (literally!) and has helped us a lot. The stuff he has created or does sometimes makes us question if he is human or not. We wouldn’t be surprise if he has special powers because he can do stuff nobody else in the world can do. He always motivates us and believes in us, if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be doing what we do today. You can also check him out at www.AntiGravityRecords.com.

What motivated you to get started?

Adrian & Jonathan: What motivated us to start doing what we do is when we met our mentor Tony. He read our minds and we were totally speechless. We were completely astonished and felt like little kids. We wanted to learn how he did it so we could make other people feel astonished and amazed. He also believed in us and told us we have something special that nobody else has, and if we used it our lives would completely change for the better. He was right!

Like best about what you do?

Adrian & Jonathan: What we love about what we do is that we can make people, adults especially feel like little kids. We can give them a sense of wonder and astonishment. Someone can be having a bad day and we can show them something and it can put a smile on their face. We can also connect with people on a deep emotion level because our show is always about our audience. It is about their lives, their dreams, their fears, and their emotions. it isn’t really about us. We love meeting new people and showing them that there is more to the world then they see everyday. The world and life is filled with magic and wonder, but sometimes we can’t see it. Our job is to make people see and experience it.

Like least about what you do?

Adrian: For me the least favorite thing about what we do is probably marketing our show. People have no idea what it is we do initially. They really have to see it to believe it. Also, I plan to get married and have a family and being a entertainer you have to constantly be on the road non-stop and that can hurt your family life.

Jonathan: I guess the least thing I like about what we do is that people sometimes have a hard time seeing past our work. We do live a normal life but sometimes, especially girls can’t see past that and think we do this 24/7 non=stop. Even though we love what we do, we balance it out because if we didn’t we would go crazy!

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Adrian & Jonathan: We wanted to play in the NBA!

What was your first job?

Adrian & Jonathan: Our first job in early middle school and high school years was working at our parent’s friend’s store. They owned a 99 cent store and we use to work their part time after school. It was a easy job for us back then, but we learned a lot and our boss was a really nice man. We appreciated the experience it gave us. We didn’t do our first live show until we were 19 or 20.

Biggest pastime outside of work

Adrian & Jonathan: This is easy our biggest pastime outside of work is SPORTS!! We are a HUGE DETROIT SPORT FANS, AND WE MEAN HUGE! When we were 7 years old and had just come to Michigan from Iran, our Uncle introduced us to sports. We remember watching Michigan sports, especially hockey and basketball. Our favorite athlete of all time is Steve Yzerman, the Captain of the Detroit Red WIngs. We use to watch him play as kids and fell in love with him. He is a great hockey player but more importantly a great human being.

So we love all the Detroit teams: Detroit Tigers, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, Michigan Wolverines, and Detroit Lions (We predict they will make the Super Bowl in 2008, you heard it here first!)

People most interested in meeting

Adrian & Jonathan: We would love to meet our childhood hero Steve Yzerman. Also we would love to meet Anthony Robbins because he has been a big and influential part of our lives. His teachings have inspired us. We would also want to meet Muhammad Ali because he is a legend and stood up for what he believed in during a time when people were scared to.

People we would love to meet who aren’t alive anymore are: Our Uncle, Grandpa, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr. Jimmy V, Einstein and other important people who changed the world for the better.

Leader in business most interested in meeting and why?

Adrian & Jonathan: We would love to meet Oprah and Anthony Robbins. Both have impacted and changed lives of millions of people all around the world. They have made the world a better place. In our field we would love to meet Uri Geller, Derren Brown and the Evasons, who are a husband and wife team out of Canada who do similar things to what we do.

Three interesting facts about yourself

1. We both can’t swim
2. We love Detroit Sports
3. Jonathan is 5 minutes older.

Three characteristics that describe you

1. Amazing
2. Extraordinary
3. Compassionate

Three greatest passions

1. Performing
2. Our family & friends
3. Detroit Sports

Favorite book

Adrian: I read a lot of books, but I have to say my favorite book of all time is Napolean Hill’s Think & Grow Rich. This is classic book and it should be required reading in every school all over the country. Read this book and will change your life!

Jonathan: I don’t read as much as Adrian but I guess my favorite book is The Mind & Magic of David Berglas. A Mind-Reader from England who did some amazing things back in the second half of the 20th century.

Favorite cause

Adrian & Jonathan: Love life, it’s hard to stay mad all the time when there is so much beauty in the world! We love to give people a sense of wonder and astonishment and to inspire them to use their minds in order to create a better life for themselves, that is our favorite cause.

Is there anything else you!d like to add?

Our final words could be best described in the following quote: “There is only one success and that is to live your life on your own terms.”

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