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Amir, Founder

Successful Webeneur Amir P. of Bia2 LLC

When Amir P., 23, founded Bia2 LLC in April 2003, he really didn’t know what he was getting himself into. His vision was simple – he wanted to create an online portal for a younger generation that allowed him to show others, specifically non-Iranians, the beauty and culture of his country. The site boasts editorial bloggers, music and video reviews, radio pieces, forums and much more. With a detailed eye on new technologies and an inherent business sense to continue to differentiate his site, Amir P. and team bring in over one million visitors per month. Although they are getting a good chunk of online traffic, there’s still a lot to do to make sure copycatters and others that want to infringe on trademark rights don’t try to grab their marketshare. Learn more about Amir P., Bia2.com and how this young professional found his niche as we feature him in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.