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Jotham Ty, Founder and CFO

Serial Entrepreneur Jotham Ty

For Jotham Ty, 25, Founder and CFO of Newcross Consulting, CFO of Hatch Media, and CPA, age is nothing but a number. He found early on that he had a knack for not only building businesses but growing them to be successful. Jotham’s work takes him anywhere from providing top level financial management and compliance consulting to working on alternative media sources to help companies brand consumer products. Competitive by nature, Jotham enjoys winning contract bids against the Big 4 Accounting Firms and harnessing his intellect and enthusiasm to help his clients prosper. Learn more about Jotham, his love for serial entrepreneurship, fast cars and what’s in store for his future as we feature him in this week’s Young & Professional Profile.


1) Newcross Consulting (2005)
2) Jotham Ty, CPA (sole proprietorship – 2004)
3) Hatch Media LLC (2005)



Name, Title

Jotham Ty
Serial Entrepreneur, CFO, Founder, President




Concord, California

Current residence

Concord, California


Saint Mary’s College of California, Accounting, 2003

Work Experience

Jotham Ty, CPA
Owner/President (2004 – present);

Newcross Consulting
Founder/CFO (2005 – present)

Hatch Media
CFO (2006 – present)

Senior Associate (2004)

Macias, Gini & O’Connell
Staff Accountant, (2002 – 2004)



About the company

1) Newcross Consulting, a California-based corporation, provides financial management and compliance services tailored to meet our client’s unique business and governance requirements. With the emergence of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), Newcross Consulting has dedicated itself to providing scalable solutions to assist clients throughout all phases of their SOX certification process. The principals firmly stand by Newcross’ corporate philosophy when serving our valued clients–provide maximum levels of project visibility, deliver client services in the most effective and efficient manner, and resource projects with the most qualified talent in our respective industry.

2) Jotham Ty, CPA is a sole properietorship providing compliance, bookkeeping, and tax services.

3) Hatchmedia LLC was founded in May 2005 and provides companies an alternative media source through the use of branding consumer products.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As owner of multilple businesses, my responsibilities vary dramatically from day-to-day. Some of these responsibilities include managing current projects, business development, running the company, etc. My favorite tasks would be taking out prospective/existing clients out to lunches and researching/talking through new business ideas with others.

Most notable milestones

Generating gross revenues of over $1m in our first year of operations. Winning contract bids against Big 4 accounting firms. Obtaining my CPA license at an early age (23).

What’s the niche?

I fully understand that I know very little and I don’t hesitate asking others for advice. I also understand and am comfortable with making mistakes–therefore the fear of making mistakes never stops me from trying new things.

What’s in store for the future?

I look forward to owning several businesses in various industries in the future. This will hopefully make me a well-rounded business person.

Who would you like to be contacted by?

– Folks with creative business ideas but are too comfortable in their current jobs to go out and pursue their idea
– Young and successful entrepreneurs to compare notes with
– Michael Savage–I don’t necessarily agree with his politics, but his independent stance is very admiring
– Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter to see how long it’ll take for me to lose my cool

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Best way to keep a competitive edge

– Learn your industry well and understand the many parts and pieces that move it
– Don’t be afraid to solicit ideas and advice from those with more industry experience

Guiding principle in life

Understand what you want to accomplish in your life and stop yourself often to see if your are still lined up to reach those goals. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Yardstick of success

It’s not about how much you make or how many successful businesses you run, but to me the yardstick of success it is the amount of recognition you receive for selfless and generous acts.

Goal yet to be achieved

– Playing an active role in a non-profit organization
– Holding some type of political office

Supportive words from a family member or friend on your venture

My pop used to tell me that if I have to do something, I might as well do it right the first time.


Kim Wesolowski (Friend and College Advisor) for prying deep into my mind and bringing out the crazy analytical thinker in me.

Like least about what you do?

Work always seems to have a way of following me home.

At age 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Baseball or basketball player.

What was your first job?

Flippin’ burgers at the local water theme park.

Biggest pastime outside of work

I don’t know how to change my own oil, but I sure love renting fast and exotic cars.

Person most interested in meeting

Tiger Woods–I’d like to learn as much as I can from him as far as how he thrives under pressure..

Leader in business most interested in meeting

Larry Ellison–I’d ask him how he feels about some of the decisions he’s made in his life (e.g., hostile takeovers, failing to deliver on promised donations). Of course a tour of his $200million estate would also be nice!

Three interesting facts about yourself

1. The only tiny spec of artistic skill in me is music. I played the piano for 10 years and I hope to take up guitar and saxophone in the near future.
2. In 2006, I’ve stayed more days in hotels/corporate apartments than I have in my own home.
3. My son is 3 years old–his name is Butch and he is an English Bulldog!

Three characteristics that describe you

1. Straight-forward/upfront
2. Logical
3. Sarcastic

Three greatest passions

1. Music – Listening and hopefully one day composing too
2. Family – I’ll do anything for them
3. Business – Some people enjoy building homes, fixing up cars–for me I enjoy building businesses

Favorite book

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

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