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True Confessions of a Slacker
–December 18, 2006

You know you shouldn’t do it. But sometimes it’s a pain to go to work everyday; and sometimes you need to be a little, let’s say, creative to get your boss to give you the day off. We asked our readers what their best excuse was to get out of work. In doing so we’ve realized for some, getting out of work is an art form. For others – a lesson in what talents they severely lack.

A Bruised Butt Can Go a Long Way

Photo credit: Banalities

“In Boston, my commute to work was fairly simple. I woke up, got ready, stepped out the door and took 15-minutes to get to work. The city was small, and if I happened to be late, I couldn’t use the excuse “I hit a lot of traffic”. Also I am a lazy person, so by winters time, my “sick” days were spent. One winter’s morning after a big snowstorm, the city had iced over. As I was click-clicking down the street, my heel slipped on a random ice patch that had formed. 10 seconds later, I was on the ground, with a severely painful throb in the rear area of the bodice. It was not pretty. I pushed myself up and limped to work. That day I shook it off, but I realized that I had –pardon my pun – stumbled onto a great idea. If I had fallen harder, chances are I could have bruised myself a bit, and heightened my already bad back problem. And since Boston was covered with snow for about 5 months out of the year it was pretty likely I’d slip again. I am after all, a very clumsy person. The next time I felt like sleeping in, I had the golden ticket back to dreamland.” – SA

(Please note: the above is just a small aberration of my generally strict work ethic. We’ve all had slacker moments. Don’t judge).

When All That’s Really Sick Is Your Computer

Photo credit: Sly_Ange

“It amazes me how creative some people can get when calling in “sick” at the office. At my work, I usually see a list of employees who have called in sick at our “sick hotline”. Mondays are the busiest day, and the creativity level is at its highest peak. Particularly when they use their fake sick voices to get out of coming in.

Unfortunately, I am guilty of pulling the sick card. But it didn’t get quite as well as I had planned. Many years ago I called into the office sick (voice and all), only to run into my boss at the computer store. She was amazed that I was looking so well and that I even had the energy to go shopping. I was let off easy and learned my lesson calling in sick when I actually wanted a day off to shop for a new computer.” – Lisa

Family Emergency = Buying a New Car?

Photo credit: electronavalanche

“I don’t try to make it a habit to call in “sick” but sometimes you just got to do it. As a young professional I’m still trying to get used to the idea that I’m no longer in school and no longer have the choice of skipping class if I really, really didn’t feel like going. I remember one excuse in particular that I still feel somewhat guilty about.

I was home one weekend visiting my family (they live 500 miles away from me) and while I was there we learned that a family friend’s grandfather passed away. We offered our condolences but that was really the extent of our connection with what happened. That same weekend I decided I needed to buy a car. My dad and I looked everywhere for the perfect car but couldn’t find one. We learned on a Sunday evening that there might be one at another dealer on Monday. So I called in to work Monday morning and told my boss that there was a “family emergency” and that I needed to stay home for another day. I don’t like giving made up excuses about family because I don’t want to jinx it in the future but I figured atleast a little bit of it was true. Little did they know I bought a shiny new car and spent the day driving it back my apartment with the Sun in the sky and the wind in my hair.
– Young N’ Guilty

Do you want to confess your best excuse? Or perhaps your lamest? Comment below!

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