Shift Happens…So Does Pani Puri

Back in March, I wrote that the Web site, which lets you share your PowerPoint presentations with the entire world, had launched the World’s Best Presentation Contest. Last week, the winners were announced, and it turns out that the two first-place winners (the judges’ top choice and the people’s top choice) both have India-related content.

Shift Happens. Did you know that the top 28 percent of the population in India with the highest IQs is greater than the entire population of North America? This slide show presents some startling statistics about our rapidly changing world. China and India are competing more strongly than ever with the United States. Technology is connecting us and transforming our society in ways never imagined. Change is part of the human condition, and this slide show reminds us that, well, shift happens.

PaniPuri. For those of you who love eating pani puri, this slide show will have your mouth watering. It celebrates all the virtues of this popular Indian food and concludes that it’s a “true World 2.0 Product.”