The LatinConnect

Marcela Gutierrez

Communications & Public Relations Coordinator

Marcela, 25, is currently attending the University of Phoenix, where she is pursuing a degree in Business. She currently resides in San Diego, California. Currently she works for an International trade and management services company and plans to pursue a career in marketing and public relations.

Born and raised in sunny Mexico, she is hard pressed to endure more than a few days without tacos and her Mom’s delicious cooking. She enjoys travel, funky music, reading, dance, “futbol”, making people laugh and witty banter.

Alexander Grant


Alexander majored in Biomedical Engineering at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Though he enjoys the work done in the engineering field, his passions are where he invests most of his time. He is an avid writer and community advocate which can be seen in his roles as a Grant and Fiction Writer, Organizational Consultant and Youth Ministry Assistant at his church home in Boston, MA.

Alexander enjoys traveling and having conversations with new people and spends much of his day collecting new information and coming up with different ideas about living a positive life. Though his immediate family is from Jamaica, he is proud of the fact that he has an extended family from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

Victor Corral


Victor, 24, is a Political Science major at the University of California, Berkeley. He is currently an intern at The Applied Research Center, and a new contributor to, ColorLines Magazine’s online blog.

His interests include food, wine and sustainable agriculture. When he isn’t on the search for the best burrito in the Bay Area, you can find him at live music venues, hiking, or abusing his TiVO. Before coming to Berkeley, he served in the US Navy for five years as a medic and laboratory technician.

Although Victor still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, he does want to write a children’s book about an octopus, make his own wine, read a book a week, and live in a foreign country.