Iraqi artist Waleed Rasheed Qaisi Exhibits in New York

December 7

when10:00 am (EST); 3 weeks
whereAgora Gallery in New York, NY
The abstract creations of Iraqi artist Waleed Rasheed Qaisi encompass universal themes such as the struggle with the past, the persistence of memory, and the experience of destruction. These issues drive his intriguing compositions, assemblages of acrylic and mixed media that appear almost architectural in nature. Qaisi renders strong rectilinear forms in shades from bold reds and mustard yellows to shadowy grays and mottled browns; these shifts in color highlight areas of layering and juxtaposition to create paintings that, imbued with depth and texture, allude to Qaisi’s work as a ceramicist and sculptor. In all of these realms, Qaisi views his art as a process of investigation, “starting and searching with a question because [he] trust[s] it more than the answer.” The “sensational’ and “vital” experience of destruction often serves as a point of origin, yet Qaisi’s “work does not grow according to a previous intellectual plan.” Rather, it derives from “instant intuitive decisions . . . accomplished in a long period of maturity and development,” resulting in strikingly powerful and unique artistic compositions. Waleed Rasheed Qaisi’s work has been featured in several solo, group exhibitions, and museum collections throughout the world. The artist currently lives and works in Qatar.