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February 20

SooJin Jeong Exhibits in New York
when 3:00 pm (EST); 3 weeks
where Agora Gallery in New York, NY
price free
contact [email protected]
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Soojin Jeong’s work is modern in its execution, but timeless in its themes. Exploring the nature of human beings and their relationship to reality is what Jeong’s work expresses to her viewers most strongly. Jeong’s work carries a message that is both universal and deeply personal; her compositions are simple, yet mysterious. The recurring figures in her work are goats; she places them in different places throughout her canvases. These goats can be interpreted as simple, whimsical flourishes or as lonely representations of the human condition. Either way, Jeong creates a reality for her viewers, which operates on multiple levels. Her work gives a sense of spontaneity and freedom, but also of careful detail and orchestrated construction. She brilliantly gives the effect of effortlessness, while her works are in fact sophisticated renderings of a deeply reflective artist. Soojin Jeong lives and works in New York.

From February 20 to March 13 at Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York. Opening hours: 11am-6pm. Reception February 22, 6-8 PM.

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