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Letter from the Executive Director: Welcome!

Item published on Jun 17th, 2007 | Comment | Trackback | Categories »
Dear Reader,
Welcome to the launch of The AfricanaConnect – your destination to learn about inspiring young professionals and changemakers from the African-American community and African diaspora. You’re reading this because you have at some point signed up for our free, weekly e-magazine or some wonderful person has referred you to our site! The AfricanaConnect is now the fifth magazine that we here at The CulturalConnect publish for the global young professional community. We don’t just highlight success – we have a track record of redefining what it means to be successful in various ethnic Diasporas.

Our AfricanaConnect team has dug through unmarked offices and have used untraditional methods to find undiscovered young talent. We’ll be profiling young entrepreneurs on their rise to success, individuals climbing up the corporate ladder breaking age/gender barriers, humanitarian workers giving life to a new world, rock stars changing how music is heard, geneticists on the verge of a major breakthrough, writers that don’t scare easily from taboos, and many, many more. I hope that you find as much value as our current readers of our other magazines hav